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Here we discuss sharing documents, in particular as regards Purchasing.

Uploading a Shared Document

  • Navigate to Documents > List.
  • Select the +Document link to add a document.

    You have the option to click and drag your document or click on the gray box and search for the document you want to add. Multiple documents can be dragged and dropped at once.

Granting Access to Shared Documents

***Please see this page for additional understanding in how to configure/setup/utilize roles and access:

Document Manager Usage Example

Document Managers can view or edit a shared document by navigating to Document > List. The List tab will only display the documents they have access to via the Financial and Document Org access.

The Shared Document feature is also fully integrated with Purchase Requisitions (PR)s and Purchase Orders (POs).
Users that have access to view or edit PRs or POs could also view the shared documents associated with the PR or PO if they have the Document Manager role with the proper Financial and Document Org access.

Linking Shared Documents to a Purchase Requisition or Purchase Order

Under the Attachments section of the PO, you can search for the shared document number or name.

After selecting the shared document, you can choose to link the shared document to a specific PO line by clicking on the Edit Pencil Icon, modifying the description, and specifying whether or not to email the shared document to the vendor when emailing the PO.

Additional Information

KC - FAQ - What is the difference between Shared Documents vs Project Notes?

KC - Quick Topic - Organizations and Access on Shared Documents

Help Docs - Documents

Help Docs - Documents List

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