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Title: Timesheet periods and Fiscal weeks

Brief description:

Unanet reporting offers the ability to report by calendar year, quarter, month, semi-month, week, and day, as well as by fiscal year, quarter, month, and week. If you would like to report on timesheet periods, you can convert fiscal weeks to timesheet periods. For example, if there is a need to report by biweekly timesheet period, the resolution here is to create fiscal periods/weeks that are 14 days long so that biweekly timesheet period = Fiscal Week. Another example is when your weekly timesheet is other than Sunday to Saturday (Saturday to Friday or Monday to Sunday), since the Sunday to Saturday weekly period is accommodated via the calendar week, but note that the example below outlines how to handle Biweekly.

What’s covered in this document:

Fiscal Period Setup

The first step is to set up fiscal “weeks” that are 14 days long.  In Admin > Setup > Accounting > Fiscal Years, you can define your timesheet fiscal periods by clicking on the Calendar icon. (Note that if the calendar icon does not appear here, then the Fiscal calendar property Allow creation of and show Fiscal Calendar Options must first be turned on in Admin > Properties > Unanet > General > Display Options.)

Once in edit mode, you will want to create 14 day periods or Fiscal "Weeks" along the lines of your timesheet pay periods.  

Note that the fiscal week/timesheet period must fit within the fiscal year start and end dates. As a result, you will need to create a stub period for the first day(s) of the year leading up until the first full timesheet period. In this case, we create a one-day stub period from 10/1 - 10/1 since that sets us up nicely for the 10/2 - 10/15 period. 

Note that if you have multiple timesheet definitions, such as weekly for subcontractors and semi-monthly for employees, you will need to choose one timesheet definition as the application for the solution.

Relabels of Text via file

The second step is to relabel any text in the system which may be misleading now that you have changed the definition of fiscal week. You may wish to relabel the following items in your Unanet system in order to clarify that the timesheet period represents the Fiscal Week by removing the reference to "week." The relabeling of these references may be accomplished via editing the file in your Unanet installation. If you are On Demand, the Unanet Support team can accomplish these changes for you. If you are On Premise, your IT team will need to apply the changes.

Location in UnanetDefault textNew text via values to accomplish relabel
Periodic Report criteria"Fiscal Weeks"Report criteria "Timesheet"



Report criteria dropdown

"Fiscal - Previous and Current Week"

"Fiscal - Next Week"

"Fiscal - Previous Week"

"Fiscal - Current Week"

"Fiscal - Previous and Current Timesheet"

"Fiscal - Next Timesheet"

"Fiscal - Previous Timesheet"

"Fiscal - Current Timesheet"

NamedDateRanges.fiscal_current_previous_week=Fiscal - Previous and Current Timesheet

NamedDateRanges.fiscal_next_week=Fiscal - Next Timesheet

NamedDateRanges.fiscal_previous_week=Fiscal - Previous Timesheet

NamedDateRanges.fiscal_current_week=Fiscal - Current Timesheet

Table header label for Fiscal Calendar definition table (Admin > Setup > Accounting > Fiscal Years)



Screenshot examples of what the can effect

Additional Information

Help Docs - Fiscal Years

Help Docs - Text Properties

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