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Title: 1034 and 1035 Invoice Formats

Brief description:

Many clients who do business with the government have the need to supply a specific invoice format called 1034/1035. The process below outlines how to provide this format based on Unanet invoice data.

What’s covered in this document:

Step 1 - Save the File below entitled "Excel 1034 and 1035 Form"

You will later paste directly into this file after downloading data from Unanet. Note that the worksheet has three tabs:

  1. The 1034 form on one tab.
  2. The 1035 form on another tab.
  3. A third tab called "Export Values" for you to paste your exported Unanet data into.

Excel 1034 and 1035 form.xlsm

Note: If the xlsm file performs slowly for you, you may consider the xlsx file without the macros: 
Excel 1034 and 1035 form Template Blank.xlsx

Step 2 - Load the 1034/1035 formatted Unanet export template into Unanet (one-time setup)

Without opening, save the attached file: Form 1034-1035 Excel Template Export.csv

Note: If using the xlsx file in red above, you may want to use this CSV file which is grouped slightly differently: Form 1034_1035 Excel Template Export - sub-totals by Cost Element.csv

Navigate to Admin > Exp;ort > Exchange Templates> Import as in the screenshot below. Click Import on the left menu, click Choose File to browse for the file you just saved, then click Import.

Step 3 - Edit the template as necessary

Click on Admin > Export and in the section ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE TEMPLATES, click the edit pencil next to "Form 1034-1035 Excel Template Export.". You can edit any of the rows of the template as necessary. You may choose to run it without editing first to get a feel for how the fields are populated by default.

Step 4 - Run the 1034/1035 formatted Unanet export template

This template exports Unanet invoice data into the format required by 1034/1035 invoice formats. Run the export by navigating to Admin > Export > List and clicking the blue run button next to the template.

Specify the necessary criteria for date range, invoice status, projects (if necessary), etc. on the Export Criteria page. Note that the "Completed" status must be selected in this criteria page.

Step 5 - Download the resulting file

Scroll to the bottom of the output screen and click the Download the file link.

Step 6 - Paste the downloaded data into the Excel form on the third tab "Export Values"

Open the file you downloaded from Unanet and select all. Also have open the file you saved in Step 1, "Excel 1034 and 1035 Form", open to the third tab "Export Values."

Paste the content from the download into the file "Excel 1034 and 1035 Form." The Excel file will then create the 1034/1035 format invoices in other worksheets.

Who can perform the process outlined in the steps above?

Either an Admin user can run this process manually, or using the IMU and saved export templates, the files for relevant project orgs or projects could be generated each invoice cycle. A (non-admin) user can then populate the formatted templates. Any additional information that the end-customer requires on the invoice that is not stored in Unanet could be added in the Excel file as needed.

Additional Information

Form 1034-1035 Excel Template Export.csv

Excel 1034 and 1035 form.xlsm

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