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Title: American Express @ Work Program and the KR-1025 Reconciliation Report

Brief description: 

The American Express @ Work Program is designed to help companies manage their Corporate Card and Corporate Purchasing Card programs more efficiently online. This Amex program offers a daily file, the KR-1025 format, that can be used by Unanet customers to import their Amex transactions into Unanet. This page describes how to access the file.

What’s covered in this document:

Who can access the KR-1025 file?

  • This file is only available to Corporate Card holders. With access to the @ Work program, the files can be downloaded manually. More information on enrollment can be found in How to Enroll section below. 
  • For automated file transfer (in order to automate Unanet IMU AMEX import process), contact AmEx Electronic Transmission Team at or 1-800-337-7283

File Formats Sent by American Express

This section describes the file formats American Express uses to send data collected from various systems to subscribers.

Daily Data Reconciliation

This file provides unbilled detailed charge information by Account Number. The report shows all activity including card payments and charge disputes. Charge data typically appears 48 hours after being submitted by a merchant. This file is available for all American Express products. This is a fee-based file with the fee varying by charge volume. Please see the Billing Fees section of this document for more information. This file is also sometimes referred to as the Card Daily Data File (CDDF).

Report formats:

  • Report number: KR1025

Below are excerpts on the export files from the attached document (AMEX DataFileToolkit.doc):

SPECIAL NOTE: The attached document and collateral below come from AMEX, and may change at any time.  For the most up to date information, consult American Express directly.

Daily Unbilled Reconciliation Data - KR-1025

This file provides unbilled detailed charge information for each day a company has charges reported. The files show all activity including card payments and fees. It is available for all American Express products – Corporate Card and Corporate Purchasing Card. This is a fee-based file with fee varying by charge volume.

Please contact Amex Global Information Services, Electronic Transmissions Team or your (Amex) account manager for information regarding implementation and fees for this file.

What can this file be used for?

This daily file provides all unbilled charges for cardmembers specified by a client. This is used mainly for pre-populating an expense management system; however, Finance and/or HR may find this file helpful in the managing policy compliance.

The KR-1025 Data File contains the following records:

Record 0

Provides header to file

Record 1

Lists detailed billing data for all Cardmembers having activity for the billing period. Great for:

  • Pre-populating expense reporting systems
  • Monitoring compliance with your preferred suppliers, preferred travel agency, preferred hotel chains, car rental agencies, telecom providers, etc.
  • Capturing details on a Cardmember level for the individual charges or credits
  • Sorting options by BCA, industry type, service establishment name, Cardmember, date of charge or whatever you prefer
  • Monitoring out of pattern spend or risk issues when sorting by payment type to see if there are returned checks or by retail spend, cash usage, etc.
  • Negotiating purposes as it captures additional details on the charges
  • Lists the Service Establishment, locations, address, industry code, D&B number, etc.

Record 2

Lists individual Cardmembers’ total balances, debits, credits, payments, etc.

Record 3

Lists on the BCA level, the total balance, debits, credits, etc.

Record 4

Lists on the Control Level, for which you ordered the data file, the debits, credits, etc.

Record 9

Trailer records – confirms record count for file to ensure complete data file

How Should I Order the File?

Amex suggests requesting the Master Control Account or the Basic Control Account levels so you can see all the charge volume down to the BCA level.

KR-1025 vs Generic Credit Card Import

The KR-1025 is formatted in a way that requires no reformatting to import into Unanet when using the "Admin > Import > Credit Card - Amex" option.

The KR-1025 can also be automatically uploaded via the Integrated Management Utility (IMU). Please see Quick Topic - AMEX/American Express: Automated Integration using the IMU (On-Prem customers only) for more information.

The Generic Credit Card import, on the other hand, may be used to import data that is not in the KR-1025 format; note that the data must be formatted into the Generic Credit Card format.

How to Enroll in @ Work

To enroll in American Express @ Work, contact your American Express Account Manager or call American Express directly at 1-866-568-0308. Alternatively, you can try 888-800-8564 for assistance with @Work.

This file is only available to Corporate Card holders with access to the @ Work program: If you already have an Amex account and are an @ Work member, you can log in by selecting American Express @ Work from the Amex login screen.

In order to gain access to the @ Work program, a company must contact Amex at the number listed above (choose the Program Administrator menu option) and let the representative know that the company wishes to speak to a Sales Lead. The representative will ask a series of qualification questions, e.g. charge volume, company revenue range, etc. and will enter the requesting company's info into a database that is serviced by zip code. The sales rep in your zip code will contact you and ask further qualifying questions and get 2 years of financials. To qualify for the program, the company must be greater than a certain amount in revenues ($4MM as of 2017) and have been in business for a certain amount of time (more than 6 months as of 2017).

There is valuable information in the Global Enrollment form, here: Work Global Enrollment form FINAL.ashx.  It will give users insight into requirements and contact information for the Program.

The @ Work Program provides customized reports, allows for Merchant Category Code restrictions, e.g. can restrict sales at package stores (alcohol), and can be used for travel/entertainment and/or vendor payments.

One of the many reports users can benefit from the @ Work Program is the KR-1025, a daily report from Amex that is downloadable through the @ Work portal.  The company will gain access to the @ Work portal once accepted into the Program. The text version of KR1025 is the version which the Unanet Credit Card - Amex import will accept.  CSV files will not be accepted via the Credit Card - Amex import.  See section below.  

There is no charge for the @ Work program separate from the annual fees required to be in the Amex card, e.g. $55 for green, $125 for gold, and $395 for platinum, etc. (prices as of 2017).

File formats other than KR1025 text files

Files other than KR1025 text files will need to be converted to the Credit Card - Generic format.  This includes KR-1022 and any file other than KR-1025.

Additional Information

AMEX DataFileToolkit.doc

Help Docs - Import Credit Card - AMEX

Help Docs - Import Credit Card - Generic (format required when using files that are other than KR-1025)

KC - Quick Video - Importing American Express Charges (KR-1025)

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Log in via or directly at

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