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Title: Alternate Manager Approvers in Unanet

Brief description:

Unanet allows users to become alternate managers for other users in the system. Alternates can be short-term (i.e. for a manager who is on vacation) or longer-term, when serving an administrative function (i.e. payroll administrator). Alternates can perform work on behalf of others. When reviews are enabled in the system, the alternate workflow can be a component of a DCAA compliant time keeping process.

What’s covered in this document:

How to designate a long-term alternate as an Admin

Step 1: Review your Unanet System properties to see restrictions on alternates.

Logged in as an Administrator, Go to Admin>>Properties>>Unanet>>Access>>Permissions and review “Alternate settings”. If non-managers or non-employees are restricted from becoming alternates, they will not show as available alternates in the subsequent steps.

Step 2: Logged in as an Administrator or HR Administrator, click on the person dashboard and edit the person for which you would like to assign an alternate. Once inside their profile, click on “Alternates” from the left menu.

Step 3: Next, depending on how your system properties were configured in Step 1, search for available alternates in the left, select the role(s) you would like them to perform, and move them to the right. Finally click ‘Save’. You have designated a long-term alternate.


How to designate a long-term alternate as the primary Manager/Approver

Step 1: Logged in as the primary manager, click on the upper right "Preferences".  Then click on “Alternates” from the left menu.

Step 2: Search for available alternates in the left, select the role(s) you would like them to perform, and move them to the right. Finally click ‘Save’. 


How to treat the alternate approval permissions as temporary

After the alternate has fulfilled their alternate approval role for the desired period (e.g., once the primary has come back from vacation), remove the alternate as an Alternate designate.  This can be done either as an Admin/HR Admin in the person profile left menu "Alternates", or as the primary manager in the upper right menu Preferences.


How to enable approval reviews to make the workflow DCAA compliant

Step 1: Logged in as an Administrator, Go to Admin>>Properties>>Time>>Approvals>>Reviews and review “Reviews Settings”. For any roles you are allowing alternates to be assigned, you’ll need to check the 'Require Manager Review" checkbox.


Step 2: When reviews are enabled, and work is performed by an alternate on behalf of another user, that user will see those items performed on their behalf on the home dashboard. They can then “review” that work by clicking on the green check mark as depicted below. An entry is then created in the approval history.


Email Reminders for Alternate Approvers

You may elect to have the system automatically email Alternate Approvers after giving the primary approvers a certain time frame to conduct the approval.  The Alternate Approver Reminder may be scheduled in Admin-Reminders.

For example, you may set up the following schedule:

  1. Primary Manager/Approver gets pinged to approve Monday at 8:00 am
  2. Primary Manager/Approver gets pinged to approve again Monday at 5:00 pm with text saying Alternate will be pinged Tuesday at 9:00 am if there are still timesheets pending approval
  3. Alternate gets pinged to approve Tuesday at 9:00 am

Note that you can place your Unanet url in the actual body of the email that is sent, in Admin-Setup-Miscellaneous-Email Reminders.  This is so that when the Alternate gets the email, they can just click on the link in the email to access Unanet.

Additional Information

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