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Brief description:

This page outlines how to compute the fully burdened rate with fee ("Wrap Rate") by employee based on cost rates plus burdens plus a variable profit percentage or markup.

What’s covered in this document:

Adhoc Report

In the following adhoc report, navigate to the Custom Column and change the burdens.

Ad Hoc - Calculating Burdened Rates by Employee


  • This is using the employee’s standard cost rate.
  • This has been filtered for active employees who are exempt.

    Note: Where Fringe is 35%, OH is 45%, G&A is 15% and Fee is 8%.

Refreshable Web Query (RWQ)

If the indirect rates change depending on the employee (i.e. different overhead rates, client-site and corporate-site, etc.), you can set up fully burdened cost RWQs that can account for these different rates depending on the individual. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Additional Information

KC - Quick Topic - Ad Hoc Reports

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