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Title: Creating Saved Reports on Your Dashboard

Brief description:

Unanet supports the creation of lists of favorite reports on preferred dashboards. This entry is ideal for non-Admins such as Project Managers who would like to push preferred shared reports or new custom reports to their dashboards.

What’s covered in this document:

OPTION 1: Saving reports via the "[config]" option from the shared area

See the "Promoting a Shared report to your Dashboard" section of the page called Quick Topic - Sharing and Emailing Reports.

OPTION 2: Saving reports via the report criteria "Save Criteria" option

Unanet supports a Shared Reports area. Reports saved to this area by an Admin are accessible by users with the appropriate role to run the report. This section describes the steps to save a shared report to a user’s local dashboard.

Step 1 - List Shared Reports

Navigate to Reports > Saved and scroll down to Shared Reports.  The Shared Reports section (3) will list reports that have been shared in the system. You can run any of these reports by clicking on the Run icon (the blue triangle icon) .

Reports designed for Project Managers are often prefaced with the naming convention PM in the SAVED AS column (4).

Step 2 - Display Report Criteria

From the report output, the user can return to the report criteria by clicking the Back to Criteria link, or click the Edit icon from the Shared Reports list.  Returning to the report criteria screen allows filtering data and display information to be changed to suit the needs of the person running the report.


Step 3 - Adjust Report Filter and Display Criteria

The report criteria screen consists of two primary areas: (1) The area at the top that filters the data, and (2) the area at the bottom that provides display options. 

All reports are structured in the same way, with the filter criteria at the top and the display options at the bottom. While the filter and display areas are always stacked in the same way, their content varies from report to report.  At this point, change the project code to a project you manage.  After entering the project code, click in the blue arrow icon to populate the box to the right. When ready, you can click the Run Report link.

Step 4 - Save the Report to Your Dashboard(s)

Once the report filter and display criteria have been appropriately set, you can save the report to your dashboard by clicking the Save Criteria link at the top of the screen. A popup window will display where you will enter a name for the report (Save As), and select the check box for the Unanet dashboard where you want the report to be stored.  Click Save.


Step 5 - Run Dashboard Report

Once saved, the report will show up under the My Reports section of the dashboard selected when the report was saved.  In this example, the Reports dashboard was selected.

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