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Title: Deleting a Locked or Extracted Expense Report via Import

Brief description:

If for some reason you prefer not to Void the expense, the Delete option may be preferable to you. For example, if you are doing an initial setup of Unanet and need to correct some erroneous expenses during data load, the Delete option may be preferable since the Void will record the changes in the GL. The Delete option is only available to Admins and only via import.

If instead you wish to Void the LOCKED or EXTRACTED expense, please see this page: The Void option in the user interface

What’s covered in this document:


You can delete locked/extracted vouchers via import by specifying "!DELETE!" in the delete column of an Expense file and specifying the appropriate Expense Voucher number (consult the Help Docs - Expense Import section and Excel Tips for finer technical points on creating your import file). You can get the file format by exporting the vouchers in question with an Expense export.

    1. Run the Expense Export for those vouchers, and add a column called "exp_voucher" to the file.
    2. Specify the voucher # that you want to delete in the "exp_voucher" column. (To find this voucher number, you can use the Expense Details Report's "Show Voucher Number" criteria option.)
    3. Keep in mind that if you delete an expense voucher then ALL of the expenses associated with the voucher will also be deleted.
    4. On the Admin > Import > Expense screen choose Allow deletion of LOCKED or EXTRACTED expense reports. Once you click Import, it will delete the entire expense voucher associated with any rows for that expense voucher number that contain the "!DELETE!" command. Note that the entire expense voucher, its approval history, as well as any/all line items on it will be deleted.

    If your intent instead is to "edit" the locked/extracted voucher for certain line items (attributes such as amounts or other attributes), see this page:

Additional Information 

Help Docs - Import Expenses

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