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Title: Efficient initialization of system to receive AR agings through Customer Payments

Brief description:

When you convert to Unanet Financials, you will either have been using Billing previously or may be creating Billings in order to get their cumulative project billings into the system. In both cases, this can result in numerous items in the Accounts Receivable Aging that need to be "received" through Customer Payments prior to system launch. With the template provided here you can quickly export items then immediately import them as a Customer Payment.

What’s covered in this document:


  1. Download and save the attached export template.
    1. This template takes Invoice amounts and invoice numbers in the correct format for import as a customer payment: Export Open A-R in Customer Payment format.csv

  2. Import the export template into your Unanet system (Admin > Export > List tab).

  3. Click the blue run button on the export template and populate the required fields.
    1. On the Export criteria screen enter the BANK ACCOUNT name as it appears in your client's bank account setup. Enter a POSTED DATE (prior to your go-live date or be certain that Post to General Ledger in Admin > Properties > Financials > General Ledger is not selected.) Finally add the LEGAL ENTITY (currently there is not a legal entity field option in the AR export). The payment method has been hard coded as ACH because this doesn't require a check number which you generally wouldn't need for this process.

  4. Run the export and download the output (save). This format is the Customer Payment import format.
    1. The Group ID indicates how you would like to group the amounts by Customer Payment. 

  5. Import the file as Customer Payments:
    1. Navigate to Admin > Import and select "Customer Payment" from the TYPE OF IMPORT dropdown menu.
    2. We recommend you choose the SUBMITTED status.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Import Customer Payment

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