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Brief description:

This Quick Topic provides an overview of creating, editing and submitting a timesheet. A description of the approval process and timesheet statuses is also provided.

What’s covered in this document:

Create a Timesheet

Create a new timesheet with each new time period.

To create a timesheet, navigate to Time > Dashboard or Time > List and click +Timesheet (upper right corner above grid).

Note: The grid for Active Timesheets will appear the same on both the Time > List and Unanet Home Dashboard pages.

A new timesheet can also be created from the Home Dashboard (click Unanet logo at upper left corner of screen). Scroll down to Active Timesheets and click +Timesheet (upper right corner above grid). 

(Time > Dashboard)

(Time > List and Unanet Home Dashboard)

On the resulting screen, enter a date that falls within the time period you wish to create. The DATE field is populated by default with the current date. If necessary, use the calendar icon to change the date. 
Click Save.

Timesheet Data Entry

Timesheet features related to data entry include the following:

  • Dropdown menus are available for regular user fields (these fields are configurable by your Administrator).
  • Each field will adjust in size according to the length of the values selected to optimize the overall display based on your screen size and resolution.
  • If a field is required and has a default value defined in the system, it will default automatically. (EX: LABOR CATEGORY, LOCATION, PROJECT TYPE, etc.) 
  • If a field is not required and has no default value defined in the system, the default display will be blank.

The PROJECT column contains projects that are active and available for the user to charge time against.

The TASK column contains tasks associated with the selected project that are active and available for the user to charge time against.

For each project row, enter time in the proper day/date to the right. Additional rows associated to various projects or other elements within the dropdown menus can be added to the timesheet by specifying the number of rows to insert and clicking on the add row icon at the bottom left of the timesheet.

Searching and Filtering

Search rules for timesheets are the same as used throughout Unanet.  

  • Wildcards
    • Simply click in the field to get the full list of available values.
    • If you have a long list of items, you can narrow the list by using the "%" sign in combination with a character string. (EX: c%1, c%2, etc.)


  • Type in Character String
    • Typing a character string within a field will display any values matching that character string. The character string does not have to be at the beginning of the returned value.


  • Clearing Required Fields
    • If a field is required and has a default value defined in the system, it cannot be cleared. The system will automatically restore the previous value.

Hours and Comments

Your Unanet System Administrator will enforce any internal policies regarding time entry requirements and comments. It is recommended that you enter time daily and Save at the end of each day.

Comments may be required upon entering hours in the timesheet. An alert message will be displayed and comments must be entered before Save is allowed.

The Comments box on the timesheet will always stay visible when you have to scroll right on the grid. 

My Projects

Based on the system configuration, additional projects and/or tasks may be added to the timesheet dropdown menus.

When editing a timesheet, users can select the projects and/or tasks available in the dropdown menus by clicking My Projects at the bottom of the timesheet. You can return to editing the timesheet by clicking <Timesheet

The My Projects screen is also accessible by navigating to Time > My Projects. However, this screen does not allow the return to editing the timesheet by clicking <Timesheet.

Saving the Timesheet

After entering time data, click Save at the bottom of the screen. The timesheet will remain in a status of INUSE and will be available to the user for time entry during the remainder of the time period.

Edit a Timesheet

Navigate to Time > DashboardTime > List; or Home > Dashboard and find Active Timesheets. Click the edit pencil icon to open a timesheet and continue data entry.

Audit Trail

You may have the Audit trail turned on in your system. If so, after saving an entry on the timesheet, any change to that entry will require a change reason and will store the data in a viewable audit trail. After making changes to cells and clicking Save, a Change Reason screen will appear for this data entry.

Under Cell Details at the top of the screen, select a Change Reason method:

  • Provide an individual Change Reason for each modified entry
  • Use a single Change Reason for all modified entries

Timesheet Completion and Approval

At the end of each time period, you must complete all data entry and submit the timesheet for approval. Click Submit at the bottom of the timesheet to complete this process. On the resulting screen enter an optional comment if further information is necessary for the approver and click Submit.


Approval History

After the timesheet is submitted, it will move through an approval process defined by the System. All users entering data, submitting the timesheet and approving the timesheet will record an entry in the Approval History with the username, date, time, and any comments.

To review this information, click the magnifying glass icon for the desired timesheet, then click Approval History to expand that link and view the history details.

Email Notifications will be sent to the participants in the approval process that contain the status and information on further actions.  

Timesheet Statuses

Review the status of timesheets by navigating to Time > List. Timesheets can be viewed according to category: 

  • Active Timesheets
  • Current Leave Requests
  • Completed Timesheets
  • Past Leave Requests

Active and Completed timesheets will be displayed with one of the following statuses:

  • INUSE - The timesheet is in use by the owner. It has been saved but not submitted for approval.
  • SUBMITTED - The timesheet has been submitted and has not been reviewed by an Approver.
  • APPROVING - The timesheet has been approved by one or more approvers, but additional approval is necessary. View the Approval History entries to determine who has approved the timesheet.
  • COMPLETED - When all approvals have been made, the status is changed to COMPLETED. When the timesheet enters this state, it is no longer visible under Active Timesheets. At this point, the timesheet can be viewed under Completed Timesheets
  • EXTRACTED - The timesheet has been LOCKED and may no longer be available to edit.
  • LOCKED - Your system may be configured to auto-lock upon Completion (final approval). This is a LOCKED status just like EXTRACTED.

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