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Title: Fixed Price Item Import

Brief description:

For FP projects or T&M projects with FP task(s), Unanet has the Fixed Price Item Import feature which allows you to batch import the fixed price billing schedule using the csv format. It enables you to quickly catch up the billing and revenue information on the FP projects in your Unanet system.

What’s covered in this document:

Fixed Price Item Import Format

If you have used Unanet UI to create fixed price items or fixed price billing schedules, you can run a Fixed Price Export to export out the existing items and use the file as the template to populate additional data for importing. The section below describes how to get the template and detailed explanations of the format.

Export in order to acquire FP Import Template/format

Administrators and Billing Managers have access to the project Billing menu where you can manage project billing information. If you have created FP items via the Unanet user interface, you should be able to see the items in the Project Billing section similar to the screenshot below.

You may export them out within the project itself using the "Fixed Price Export" link in the left menu shown in the screenshot above and download the file to get FP items specific to this project or if you are the system administrator you may go to Admin Dashboard > Export > Fixed Price Item export to retrieve existing FP items in the system for all projects.

Project Specific FP Items:

Admin can export FP Items for all projects:

Navigate: Admin > Export > List.

The downloaded file contains the standard FP Item import format Unanet takes as shown below.

Download FP Import Template From Help Doc

You may also download the template from the Help documentation using the link below.

FP Sample import template

Details of The Import Format

The help documentation has detailed explanations of each column in the template:

FP Import - file format details

Fixed Price Importing

Equipped with the details from the above help link, you can proceed to populate the template with FP Billing schedules to be loaded in Unanet.

Administrators can import for all FP projects: Admin Dashboard > Import > Import type of "Fixed Price".

Project Billing Manager may want to import for his/own specific projects by opening up the project Profile and using "Fixed Price Import" link on the left menu under Billing.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Fixed Price Import

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