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Title: Fixed Price Revenue Budgeting and Locking

Brief description:

This entry describes how to use expense planning to accommodate fixed price revenue budgeting in Unanet and allow you to lock the FP budgets with plan sets. The FP values are set up as Expense Plans, which are then locked with the Plan Set.

What’s covered in this document:

  • Periodic Fixed Price Revenue Budgeting and Locking Needs
  • Configuration Recommendations
  • Considerations

Periodic Fixed Price Revenue Budgeting and Locking Needs

For organizations which need to perform corporate Budgeting, there is often a need to budget fixed price revenues and lock them up with the plan set so that you can look back later to see the original values. A plan set in Unanet contains people plans and expense plans. For T&M and CP projects, revenues are calculated based on people and expense plan, therefore revenues are fixed (locked) once people and expense plans are locked. However, for FP projects, revenue is independent from people and expense plans. Locking plan sets will not lock FP revenue. To keep the budgeting history of FP revenue, we incorporate it as part of expense planner.

Configuration Recommendations

Here is the list of configuration steps:

  1. Create an expense type called "FP revenue" and a cost element called "FP_REV." Map them in the cost structure.
  2. Revise the Cost Report to the following so that when running the Cost Summary and Status Report, the FP revenue will take FP items as actuals and this FP_REV planned data as forecast.

3. Relabel the Expense Plan to be "FP revenue and expense planner" and only allow the "FP revenue" expense type on projects with FP billing type.


There are considerations to take into account with this approach.

  1. The Revenue and Funding Summary Report may be overstating FP revenue when running the report with the combined plans and actuals option since this report does not separate by period as does the Cost Summary and Status Report. It has to be run with caution. 
  2. Project T&E reports will consider FP revenue as an expense types overstating the expense cost area.

Additional Information

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