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Title: How To Associate a Financial Document with a Project

Brief description:

For clients using Unanet Financials, there may be a need to charge a financial transaction (e.g., Journal Entry or Accounts Payable voucher) to a project. For example, subcontractor invoices will be received and paid via Accounts Payable, and because they are related to direct jobs, they must be associated with the appropriate Unanet project.

What’s covered in this document:

General Ledger Account Setup

First, you must ensure that the account utilized in the financial transaction is set to require a project. This is done on the Account setup screen in Admin > Setup > Accounting > Accounts.

In the example below, account 50.26.01 is now set to require a project to be associated with it anytime the account is used, since Transactions Require Project is checked.

Expense Type Mapping

Next, at least one Expense Type must be associated with that General Ledger account. Think of Expense Types as the item that maps the financial document to the project. Unanet requires that all expenses on projects are associated with an Expense Type.

To associate a General Ledger account with an Expense Type, go to Admin > Setup > Expense > Expense Types and select the paper icon next to the Expense Type. Then add the General Ledger Account associated with each of the various Project Types.

In the subcontractor invoice example, the billable direct project work would be mapped to the 50.26.01 account.

Once mapped, the paper icon for the expense type will appear with the pencil. 

Expense types that have not been mapped to a cost account with have a "+" on the icon instead.

Posting the Voucher to the Account

You may now post the AP voucher to account 50.26.01 and associate it with a project as in the screenshot below where project 7011.102 is specified.

If you scroll to the right, you can see that the Expense Type associated with the GL account populates into the Expense Type field.

Note: The Expense Type field will autopopulate with the first Expense Type associated with the account. Be sure to pay attention to this field to ensure that the Expense Type is correct. There may be situations where multiple Expense Types are associated with the account, in which case you will need to ensure you select the appropriate Expense Type. If no Expense Type shows up, then either there is no expense type for that account or that expense type is not in that project's expense type list. 

Additional Information

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