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Title: How to Swap Resources on a Plan using the Grid Planner

Brief description:

The benefits of swapping resources on a plan are:

  1. After creating "what if" scenario plans against TBD users to help determine the most desirable plan during the bid and proposal phase, real people may be swapped in for the TBD users. 
  2. Many plans may have been created against real people, but these people may not be available at the time the contract is actually won. Rather than create a new plan, the Resource Planner can simply swap the people plans to currently available users.

    Note: With Unanet's TBD (Planning/UnaSource) license option, projects that have been planned with TBD license users need to be changed to real users. The swap resources feature makes this process quite simple.

What’s covered in this document:

Ensuring the Correct Resources are Available to Swap

In order to swap resources on a project, you need to make sure you have selected the resource that currently has the plan you wish to swap, as well as the resource you wish to swap the plan to.

The example below starts by filtering the People Planner for the desired project, the TBD users currently planned, and the real users who should be planned. The TBD licensed users will be swapped with real people who will do the work now that the contract has been won.

Planning Grid View

All the resources selected are now in one grid. The TBD license users have the hours planned for them as they were the placeholders during bid and proposal planning. Now, the hours previously highlighted in yellow will be moved to the appropriate spaces highlighted in green below.

Swapping Resources

Double-clicking on the user TBD, Project Manager brings up a dropdown menu, where you can simply replace the TBD user with a real resource.

  • The TBD user that was double-clicked displays in the dropdown menu box. 
  • Click the arrow to open the dropdown menu and select the real user to whom these hours will be moved.
  • Click Save. In this example, the hours are moved from TBD, Project Manager to Director, Chris S.
  • After double-clicking the remaining TBD resources and swapping their plans to real users, click Assign to assign the plans.

Additionally, you can use the COLOR BY BOOKED PERCENTAGE feature to get a better idea of which resources are available and which are already booked.

Additional Information

KC - FAQ - What are UnaSource-Only or Planning-Only licenses?

KC - Quick Topic - Benefits of TBD Planning Resource Licenses and how to use them

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