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Title: How to Use Organization Addresses

Brief description:

Determine what type of address for the organization needs to be associated with the purposes.  

What’s covered in this document:

What are Organization Addresses?

Organization Addresses are the addresses associated with each organization for the purpose of billing. Even if you are not using Billing, you can use Unanet as a lite-CRM (Customer Resource Management) tool for storing customer contact/address information. For Unanet Billing, Project Owning Organizations store the "Remit to" address, while Project Organizations store the "Bill to" address. Administrators and Billing Managers have the ability to input addresses into an Organization profile via the Organizations dashboard. Once populated from the Organizations dashboard, these addresses will automatically be selectable inside the project profile, based on what the Owning Organization and Project Organization are.

Example of Project Orgs and Owning Orgs

The Project Org is the customer; the Owning Org is your internal division for billing purposes. You may only have one Project Owning Org (internal division/breakout) but multiple Project Orgs (customers).

Project Owning Org (Internal division for Remit to)

Project Org (Customer for Bill to)


PS West

ACME Customer


PS East



PS WestBIG CustomerXYC234
PS EastBIG CustomerABC678
PS WestLittle CustomerXYC345

My client has several addresses for "Bill To" - which address should I enter?

You can enter as many organization addresses as you need from the Organizations dashboard, and then in the Project Profile you will have the opportunity to select the one you want to use. You can also specify a default address to populate each time a new invoice is set up. When specifying that an address is a Default Address from the Organizations dashboard/Org profile, note that you can only designate one default address.

What do the different default sections mean?

Bill To

  • The Bill To address is the address you wish to send the invoice to, as per your contract or agreement with your customer.
  • The Bill To addresses associated with a project Invoice Setup are those addresses associated with the project's Project Organization (not Owning Organization).
  • The Bill To information would present itself at the top left of the invoice, just below your logo.

Ship To

  • The Ship To address functionality is entirely optional for invoicing purposes.
  • The Ship To address is the address you wish to use when shipping a parcel to your customer. Perhaps your Bill To address may be for a specific building at your customer's complex, but all correspondence is shipped to a centralized location, or you are shipping a piece of hardware to a specific customer location.
  • The Ship To addresses associated with a project Invoice Setup are those addresses associated with the project's Project Organization. 
  • The Ship To information would present itself at the top left of the invoice, below the  Bill To information.

Remit To

  • The Remit To address is the address to which you wish to have the invoice payment sent. For example, you bill your customers for Professional Services out of your "Information Technology" Organization, so you set the address for the "Information Technology" group as the Remit To address.

  • The Remit To addresses are those addresses associated with the project's Owning Organization.

  • The Remit To information would present itself on the bottom left of the invoice.

  • You may have all Owning Orgs set to the same address, since all payments may be made to your company at one address.

Project Profile Billing Setup

Each project's left menu Billing section has a tab for Contacts under Invoice Setup. This is where addresses may be set. If the address values are blank on this screen, you must populate them from the Organizations dashboard. The Contact Name may be left blank but the Address must be populated for billing purposes.

Additional Information

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