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Title: How to account for holiday hours in resource availability

Brief description:

Many companies like to be able to account for holidays in their resource allocation reports. The method below outlines how to accomplish this. Note that depending on how you are controlling assignments to Holidays, you may also want to set up Holiday Plans if anyone is forecasting on Plans in the reports. 

What’s covered in this document:

Admin assignment/plan of people to the Holiday project

The Admin assignment/plan of people to the Holiday project in a monthly or daily grid.

Monthly Assigner

Daily Assigner

To use the Daily Assigner/Planner, on the Search tab, in the ASSIGNING PERIODS section, select Days from the dropdown menu, with a number of 1, starting on the holiday you want to assign/plan.

Then populate the grid with 8 hours for that day. Repeat for each holiday by going back to the Search tab and changing the date.  

PM views availability and assigns/plans people to their project

On the billable side, the PM can assign hours in FTE's to their contracts. In the example below, everyone is assigned full-time to the project each month. 

After assigning/planning, the PM runs an allocation report to see resulting availability

After assigning/planning people to the contract project, the PM runs an allocation report to see resulting availability. Where the amounts are shown in red, the PM (with appropriate access and permissions in the role of Viewer) can drill down on the person's name and see what is contributing to the overbooking.

If a person is overbooked, they can drill down to see if Holiday is a contributing factor

When drilling down, they see that the overbooking is due to the holiday hours.

The PM can then back out those hours from the contract on the assignment/plan grid

Note: The numbers in parentheses under each month in the grid are business hours. Unanet does not vary these hours, and we cannot pull them from the holiday schedule because some companies have multiple holiday schedules (e.g., federal and commercial, Singapore and Indonesia, etc.) instead of just one holiday schedule.

Once the hours are backed out, the red overbooking is eliminated.

Note on other types of leave such as Vacation

The same process above may be followed for Vacation, with the caveat that Vacation is much harder to predict than Holidays. While Holidays may or may not be taken, Holidays are much more likely to happen in specific months, while Vacation is much less predictable. People occasionally handle this by doing a smear of Vacation hours across the year as an estimate, not accounting for Vacation at all, or planning people on non-leave time as with an FTE of less than 1 (9.2) to factor in leave.

Additional Information

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