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Title: Mobile Timesheets

Brief description:

This page outlines the differences between accessing the Unanet Mobile Optimized Timesheet (app view) and merely accessing the Mobile Enabled webpage. It also describes how to save an icon on your home dashboard which looks and behaves just like a mobile app.

What’s covered in this document:

Mobile Optimized (app view) timesheet vs Mobile Enabled (original timesheet view)


You may want to confirm whether you are using the Mobile Optimized timesheet, which functions like an app (screenshot on left below), or if you are merely using the Mobile Enabled timesheet which is simply accessing the webpage via your smartphone.

The screenshot on the left below is the Mobile Optimized timesheet, which functions like an app. This is the recommended way of accessing and editing timesheets on mobile devices.

Compare that to the screenshot on the right of the Mobile Enabled timesheet, which is merely a webpage accessed from a mobile device. 


Mobile Optimized Time                                                                      Mobile Enabled Time

URL Differences

The URL for mobile time will look different than URL used when accessing Unanet from a laptop or PC You can see the difference in the URLs here:

The Mobile Enabled (original/traditional view) URL will look something like this: 

Whereas the Mobile Optimized timesheet (app) will look something like this: 

The Mobile Optimized timesheet is also available from the home screen:

Why a mobile optimized site instead of an app?

Our customers specifically asked us to develop a mobile optimized site rather than an “App” because they didn’t want to have to ask all their employees to download an App, and then regularly have to update the App on various devices (e.g. iPhone, Android, etc.).

What if I want the Mobile Optimized site to be an icon on my smartphone Home screen? 

Please reference this link: Mobile Unanet App as Icon on Smartphone Home Screen

Note about Time in/ Time out (TITO)

The current version has yet to include support for Time In / Time Out entry for the "mobile friendly" screens or "Full Unanet" Time In/ Time Out entry. This includes all mobile devices (phones, tablets (e.g. iPad), etc.).

Additional Information

For more information on the Unanet Mobile Timesheet, consult the Help Docs link below. 

Help Docs - Mobile Timesheet

KC - Mobile Unanet App as Icon

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