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Title: Mobile Unanet App as Icon on Smartphone Home Screen

Brief description:

You can save the Mobile Optimized site as an icon to your smartphone home screen, looking and behaving just like an app. This makes Unanet’s mobile timesheet feel just like an app, but it is more secure and updates never need to be downloaded. 

This can be useful for both Mobile Time and Mobile Expense.

What’s covered in this document:

iPhone Setup

Via your smartphone's web browser, navigate to your company's URL for the Unanet instance.

Tap icon at the bottom of the screen as shown (red arrow below).

  • It is recommended that you save the Unanet menu as opposed to a specific timesheet (see screenshot below).

Select Add to Home Screen (box with plus sign in the middle). You also have the option to bookmark the site or add to your favorites or reading list.

Enter a name for the Home screen icon and tap Add. You will now see the icon on your iPhone Home screen.


To save your credentials and prevent repetitive login requirements, please see this page: KC - FAQ - How do I use facial recognition or touch ID to log in on my smartphone?

  • Note: Preventing repetitive login requirements (after restarting iPhone, for example) may not be possible for sites set up using IIS. Single Sign On for On Premise customers, for example, typically involves IIS.

Android Setup

In a regular browser, navigate to your instance of Unanet. Within the browser, click on the three vertical dots (shown below) in the upper right corner.


From the menu, select Add to Home Screen.

Enter a name for the saved Home screen icon (or keep the default) and tap Add.



Return to your Home screen. The new icon will appear there. You can organize this into a folder or leave on the Home screen.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Mobile Timesheets

KC - Quick Topic - Mobile Timesheets

KC - Quick Topic - Mobile Expense

KC - FAQ - How do I use facial recognition or touch ID to log in on my smartphone?

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