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Title: Organization Activity Report

Brief description:

Unanet helps provide organization information in one master view, from which you can link to more detail. The Organization Activity report collects all projects, User Defined Field (UDF) values, and timesheet comments for a selected customer over a specified date range. Clicking on a project link will open another tab for convenience. Types of information available include issues, risks, notes, satisfaction, customer information, etc.

The purpose of the Organization Activity report is to:

  1. Provide users with access to information stored in Unanet about a given Project or Owning Organization. 
  2. Display project information for the organization's active and inactive projects.
  3. Present to users the interactions that have taken place with that customer/organization in the form of timesheet comments and project notes.

What’s covered in this document:

Location and Access

The Organization Activity report is located under the Reports dashboard > Project Reports > Detail Reports.

Access to the Organization Activity report is provided to the following Unanet roles for all Unanet license types:

  • Project Manager
  • Project Lead
  • Project Approver
  • Project Viewer
  • Resource Requestor

Report Layout

By default, the report has these major sections:

  1. Data and UDFs
  2. Contacts
  3. Addresses
  4. Projects
  5. Activities

You can also choose to include Vendor Profiles and Customer Profiles in the report criteria.

Organization Data and UDFs

The left-hand column includes information contained in the Organization Profile. The right-hand column includes information contained in the organization's active UDFs.

Organization Contacts

This section lists all active contacts associated with the Organization. These contacts can be viewed (by Contact Viewers) or edited (by Contact Managers), but any new contacts must be added in the Organization Profile > Contacts or in the Contacts tab of the Organizations dashboard.

Organization Addresses

This section lists the organization's addresses from the Organization Profile > Organization Addresses.

Vendor Profiles

This section lists Vendor Profile information found in the Organization Profile.

Customer Profiles

This section lists Customer Profile information found in the Organization Profile.

Organization Projects

This section lists the organization's active and inactive projects. Information is drawn from the Project Profile and the project's active UDFs.

Organization Activity

This section lists all timesheet comments and project notes associated with the organization. The default setting is the last two months of activity.

For project notes, you can click on "Open Note" to open the details in a new tab. You can edit the note or add comments from this screen.

Clicking on the "Expand All" and "Collapse All" buttons will expand/collapse all the comments and notes in the list without needing to click through each one.

Report Criteria

Reporting Options include the ability to show Contacts, Addresses, and Vendor/Customer Profiles.

Activities Search Criteria allows you to specify the date range, type of information to include (notes or comments), and sorting options.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Organization Activity Report

KC - Project Notes

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