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Title: Project Management Toolkit: Managing Resources on short-term Projects or Tasks

Brief description:

Managing resources on short-term projects or tasks can be best accomplished through a series of configuration choices in Unanet. With short-term projects, it is critical to understand modifications to the schedule early to be able to react to changes in planned resource availability and impacts to other projects. This document outlines the recommendations for managing these types of efforts.

Relevant metrics include:

  • Project or Task completion dates, target completion dates, elapsed time
  • PO/Delivery Order
  • Resource availability
  • Estimated Total or Estimate to Complete
  • Budget vs. Actual - Hours
  • Milestone dates and schedule

What’s covered in this document:

Applicable Customer Base

This type of project is traditionally managed by the following types of organizations:

  • Internal IT/Development
  • Software development and delivery organizations
  • Professional Services organizations

What you'll need to do


Project Profile

  • Choose to Manage at Task level.
    • NOTE:  Recommended if adding Tasks.
  • Enter budgets applicable to the project.
  • Enter a total date range (period of performance).

Task level (optional)

  • Create necessary Tasks in a WBS format.
  • Enter a date range (period of performance).
  • Enter an hours budget.
  • Optional: Create Task Dependencies and Duration.

Resource assignments

  • We recommend that the assignments utilize the Link Dates to Project/Task Dates option, or in a grid assigner are set up using "Period of Performance." This ensures that as the project is managed and dates change the resource availability will always be based on the most accurate end dates.

Ongoing Management

Update Project and Task Revised dates

It is critical to maintain accurate dates in short-term projects. Accurate dates help to better predict project completion and resource availability.

KC - Quick Topic - Updating Task Values in Unanet

Collect Estimates to Complete

If your employees are able to accurately predict their estimate to complete and are responsible with providing this information in a timely fashion, we recommend that you consider utilizing Unanet's ETC timesheet feature.  

Relevant Metrics

  • Project or Task completion dates, target completion dates, elapsed time.
    • For Tasks create a saved Task list showing Revised End dates, Completion Date, Duration and % Complete (if Project Manager enters this value).
    • For Projects and Tasks run the Project Status Report (T).
  • PO/Delivery Order.
    • Unanet recommends using Project Notes to store contract documentation. Refer to KC - Project Notes.
  • Resource availability.
  • Estimated Total.
  • Budget vs. Actual - Hours.
    • Project - Performance - Summary (T).
  • Milestone dates and schedule.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Report Calculations

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