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Title: Project Management Toolkit: Period of Performance Schedule Management

Brief description:

Below are recommended best practices for Project Managers to maintain project schedules by period of performance and to achieve reporting consistency for value-added metrics.

What’s covered in this document:

What will you need to do?

To achieve reporting consistency across many projects for project analysis, the following steps should be performed on each Project and Task:

  • Populate the Project and Task budget tabs with dates
  • Populate the percent complete on the Project and Task budget tabs OR
  • Leave the percent complete blank on the Project and Task budget tabs and the reporting will calculate from the actuals
  • Create Plans and/or
  • Create Assignments

Who needs to be involved?

  • Project Managers
  • Project Lead
  • Project Viewers
  • Resource Assigners
  • Resource Planners


The creation of a standardized or generic template project for recurring types of projects (e.g., the same tasks are typically applied to many projects) can streamline the project management process.

  • Manage at Task Level
    • Assign all users to link to Task dates
  • Standardize the Task naming convention or use a generic nomenclature 
    • Copy tasks from template projects to confirm naming convention
  • The Period of Performance and Budget Hours for each Task must be populated on Projects with multiple Tasks
  • Use UDF values to make available additional criteria to create additional ad hoc reports for reporting on metrics


Task 1: Project Management

Task 2: Configuration

Task 3: Implementation

Task 4: Testing

Task 5: Quality Assurance

Task 6: Project Close Out

Ongoing Management

Items to update as needed:

  • Period of Performance dates
  • Plans
  • Assignments

Relevant metrics

Below are Reports that assist in analyzing and maintaining the Period of Performance Schedule Management:

  • Gantt Chart w/PoP dates
    • Project record > Gantt Chart OR
    • Reporting dashboard > Project Reports > Summary Reports > Gantt Chart
      • This only exhibits at the Project level 
      • Percent complete is calculated either by the percent complete field on the project and/or task budget tabs. If these are blank, then it is calculated by actuals
    • Dates in excess of 12 months appear grayed out.
    • The percent complete on the task budget tab OR the actuals appear as a solid blue line within the period of performance

    • Clicking the bars will return to the task profile

  • Resource Allocation Report (aka, Resource Availability)

    • Reporting dashboard > People Reports > Periodic Reports > Resource Allocation
    • Shows Current and Future utilization
  • Performance Report
    • Reporting dashboard > People Reports > Periodic Reports >
    • Compares Plans vs. Budgets vs. Actuals or any combination
    • Can report on changes in dates, project timeline
  • Schedule Details Report
    • Reporting dashboard > Project or People Reports > Detail Reports > Schedule Details
    • Shows Actual vs. Budgeted hours, variances and Period of Performance dates
  • Project Cost Summary Report
    • Reporting dashboard > Project Accounting Reports > Summary Reports > Project Cost Summary
    • Reports on Revenue and Cost
    • Date ranges from current period, current year, beginning of project to current
    • Project Managers can see costs from a project level but must have Cost Rate Manager role for any drill down view
  • Performance Report
    • Reporting Dashboard > Project OR People Reports > Periodic Reports > Performance
      • Select Criteria
        • Projects and/or People, either individually or by Organization
        • Show Tasks
        • Show Plans, Budgets or Actuals
        • Show Variances 
    • Comparison Budget, Actuals from Tasks of various Projects

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