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Unanet would like to thank Darrin Lawrence and Information International Associates (IIA) for contributing to this Knowledge Center entry, which demonstrates how our customers are maximizing their use of Unanet. 

Title: Pipeline Management in Unanet

Brief description:

This page outlines one method of pipeline management in Unanet, allowing you to have the full picture of all proposal work coming down the pipeline, while spending minimum time planning in labor or expense grids until the proposal effort reaches a certain level of probability.  

Up until a certain probability threshold which you determine, Fixed Price items are created to represent revenue in reporting for all Billing Type projects, whether FP, CP, or TM. Upon reaching your determined probability threshold, you will begin to plan for revenue and cost in the planning and/or assigning grids. 

For example, let's say you want to minimize planning efforts for any proposals that are less than 80% likely to close. You are going after a TM contract which is currently 20% likely to close. You create a FP item representing the revenue value of that proposal. This FP item allows you to report on your upcoming forecast. If at a certain point in time, you determine that the proposal has an 80% or greater probability of closing, you will then create labor and expense plans and/or assignments in grids. This will allow you to report on your forecast in greater detail.  

What’s covered in this document:

Initial Setup

Define Project Statuses

You will create a series of Project Statuses (Admin > Setup > Project > Project Statuses) for selection on your Unanet proposal projects.  

It is very important that you set these Project Statuses to Inactive (unchecked in the ACTIVE PROJECT column) so as not to interfere with activities such as Financial Billing & Revenue Posts. (The Billing & Revenue Post screen will, by default, only pick up FP items for Active status projects.)

Set up Cost Reports

Ensure that you have configured Cost Reports as appropriate (Admin > Setup > Accounting > Cost Reports).

Set up Saved/Shared Reports

Report - Cost Summary Bar & Line Chart

Set up a Saved/Shared Bar & Line Chart by navigating to the Reports dashboard and the report in the screenshot below.

This report allows you to see a high-level view of revenue on all proposal projects. You will have the opportunity to factor in probability percent ("Corrected") or not ("Uncorrected") as you report on your projects. For example, if a contract is worth $10M but is only 50% likely to close (probability), the "Corrected" value will be $5M and the "Uncorrected" value will be $10M.

Ensure that you use the following criteria in your report:

  1. Enter PROJECT MANAGER last name.
  2. Enter PROJECT TYPE.
  3. COST REPORT LINE ITEM 1: This should be set to "Total Revenue."
  4. INDIRECT COST RATE: You will likely want to select Provisional.
  6. SCHEDULE TYPE: Select Report on Budgets.
  7. REPORTING OPTIONS: Select Use Probability Percent (greater than 0). This will be your "Corrected" value.

    Sample output:

Report - Adhoc

Adhoc reports are useful for looking at each individual proposal effort, showing project manager, dates, budget, probability, and any other aspect of the project in Unanet.

You may wish to filter on certain project aspects such as PROJECT TYPE. In the example below, one of the filters in the report has been on PROJECT TYPE, returning only "WEB." proposal efforts.  

Proposal Project Setup (as needed)

Profile tab

On the Profile tab, you will select the appropriate Project Status and Project Type. These are typically custom to your instance of Unanet. You will also set the Owning Org, Project Org, and Project Code in accordance with your reporting intentions. 

Budget tab

On the Budget tab, you will set the following:

  • Revised Dates (dates used in reporting).
  • Project Probability Percent (this is your subjective assessment of the likelihood that this proposal will become a closed deal).
  • LABOR BUDGETS (you will populate the Revenue budget here, in accordance with how you have defined your Cost Reports in Admin > Setup > Accounting > Cost Reports).

Accounting tab

The Billing Type must be FP, no matter whether the proposal contract is FP, TM, or CP. You will change this later on in the process if the proposal is TM or CP and nearing completion of sale.

The Cost Structure MUST be populated to one of your Unanet instance's Cost Structures. Otherwise, it will not appear in Project Accounting reports.

Other tab

Optionally, you may make certain selections on the Other tab based upon how your company has configured PROJECT USER DEFINED FIELDS for reporting.

If Fixed Price, add Fixed Price Billing Schedule

If this is truly a FP project, and if it will have a FP Billing Schedule, create that billing schedule in the left menu under Billing > Fixed Price, then select the +Fixed Price Billing Schedule link.

Add Project Note

Optionally, you can use Project Notes to track workflow. For example, you can assign Notes and actions to people, send email notifications, attach documents or recordings, etc.

In the initial setup of a proposal project in Unanet, you may want to put in some notes about the earliest activities and assign a person to take the next steps.

Periodic Opportunity Reviews

On a regular basis, you will want to meet with your proposal and project team to determine what the pipeline looks like and make any necessary updates to proposal projects. Updates may include creation of new proposal projects, changes to probability percents on existing proposal projects, and updates to Notes to indicate latest activity.

Run Reports

Run the Bar & Line Chart report as well as the Adhoc report (the reports you set up in the Initial Setup section above).

Add Project Notes recording activity and next steps

During your opportunity review discussions, you will want to record details about the progress of proposal efforts. For example, activity regarding customer interactions, competitors, information from the prospect as to how they are leaning, why any proposal efforts were lost, which employee is assigned to work which task in the B&P effort, and much more should be recorded. For any proposal that either closes as a sale or is lost, you will want to record Lessons Learned.

Update Probability Percent on each proposal project, if appropriate

As you discuss, you may determine that the probability percent on various proposal projects needs to be updated.

Upon Win, Update Project

Congratulations! You won the proposal. You will want to take a few steps to ready your project for production:

  1. Update the PROJECT STATUS on the Profile tab to be an active status such as "Open" (this will vary by Unanet instance).
  2. Update Owning Organization or Project Type as necessary.
  3. Update the Project Probability Percent on the Budget tab to 100%.
  4. If the contract is not FP, update the Accounting tab Billing Type to correctly reflect either TM or CP. Otherwise, leave as FP.
  5. Update any other fields as necessary on the project.
  6. Assign people to work on the project.
  7. Take any other steps you would normally take to ready a project for production charges in Unanet.

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