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Title: METHOD: Proposal plans - Assign - Reforecasting from Plans

Brief description:

This method is a combination of multiple scenarios and may be used if:

  • You want to do Bid and Proposal Planning in Unanet.
  • You use assignments to authorize people to charge time in Unanet.
  • You periodically perform reforecasting/replanning activities on active projects.
  • You want to see a full forecast in one report of both proposal work and active projects.

What’s covered in this document:


  • Proposal work is done in Unanet as Schedule Type "Plans" for TBD and real labor and expense.
    • Probability Percent weighs the impact of the plans.
  • Plans are locked.
  • Assignments are generated from Plans.
  • Quarterly reforecasting is done in plans, with updates pushed to Assignments.
    • Active Plans and Assignments now match (inactive locked Plans hold the original plans and do not match).
  • Portfolio reports are run on Schedule Type "Plans."
    • We now see the full current picture of proposal work and actual contract work in one report.


  • If you plan on doing proposal work in Unanet, and if you want to report on the full picture of potential contracts as well as existing contracts in terms of utilization, net margin, cost, revenue, and utilization, then this method may be for you.


KC - Quick Topic - Portfolio - VIGNETTE: Budgeting with TBDs

KC - Quick Topic - Portfolio - VIGNETTE: Multiple plan sets


Proposal phase

  • TBD licenses and Multiple Plan Sets/What-If scenarios are used to sketch out the resources by the Planner.
  • Probability percent is used on each project to apply a weighting factor.
  • Plans are locked to preserve original concept.

Award Phase  

  • Probability percent updated to 100%.
  • Convert TBD plans to real people plans based capacity and skill reporting (who’s available, who’s not).
  • Generate Assignments from the Plans so that people can charge.
    • At this point, Active Plans match Assignments.
  • In the real world, people move off the project, people move onto the project. These changes are made in the Active Plans (not the locked plans).
    • At this point, Active Plans no longer match assignments.
    • Reports are run to confirm critical metrics (cost, margin, revenue, utilization/allocation/overbooking of resources).
    • Plans are deemed final, and Assignments are regenerated.
    • At this point, Active Plans match Assignments again (which are both now different from the original Locked Plan set).
    • Meanwhile, of course, proposal plans on Proposal status projects have continued. Note that any reporting (cost, margin, revenue, utilization) run on Assignments won't factor in the proposal/pipeline plans on new proposal efforts.

Additional Information

KC - Resource Management

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