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Title: Basic forecast from assignments

Brief description:

  • You use assignments with budgets of hours to authorize people to charge time in Unanet.
  • The assignments represent the forecast in the reports.

What’s covered in this document:


  • No Plans are used.

  • Schedule Type "Budgets" are used.

    • People Assignments contain hour budgets and rates.

    • Expense Budgets capture Expense forecasts.

  • Portfolio reports are run on Schedule Type "Budgets."

Benefits/Is This For Me?

  • Ideal for customers new to Portfolio who want an easy initial usage of the tools with an ability to forecast.

  • No need to use Plans as the forecast comes entirely from Assignments/Expense Budgets.

  • No proposal planning required.


Project Profile area:

Report Criteria:

Additional Information

KC - Resource Management


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