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Title: Budgeting against Budgeting-only Projects

Brief description:

Shell projects are created for tracking budgets/plans only, and not for actuals. No time or expense actuals are charged to these projects. Actuals are charged instead to real projects. This allows for higher level budgeting instead of budgeting down at the individual project level. 

What’s covered in this document:



  • Schedule Type "Plans" are used
    • People Plans contain hours and rates
    • Expense Plans capture Expense forecasts
  • Labor and expenses are planned against Budgeting projects which capture only plans including internal projects
  • Portfolio reports are run on Schedule Type "Plans," where actuals come from the real projects and the plans come from the Budgeting projects. The "Roll up" feature in the reports are used in order to aggregate all individual real projects and compare then to the budgeting-only projects. 


  • Simple Company-Wide Budgeting
  • Comparison in the reports of the budgets to the actuals


Project Profile area:

Navigate: Project > List > List > Edit Pencil Icon. 


Report criteria:

Navigate: Reports > Saved > Edit Pencil Icon. 

Additional Information

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