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Title: Corporate Budgeting and Periodic Reforecasting

Brief description:

A flavor of Multiple Plan Sets, this scenario would be used if you have a need for corporate-wide budgeting against direct and indirect projects, where the budgets (Plans) are then locked down and compared against.

What’s covered in this document:


  • Schedule Type Plans are used
  • Sample Roles and Workflow:
    • Admin creates Plan sets and identifies the Active Plan set.
    • Budget managers enter labor and expense plans on that Plan Set.
    • CFO approves plans via reporting.
    • Board approves.
    • Admin locks the approved plan set and opens the next period (month, quarter, etc.) for reforecasting.
    • Budget managers perform periodic (monthly, quarterly, etc.) reforecasting.
    • Optional - upload into Financial system if not using Unanet Financials.


If you have a need for bottom-up corporate budgeting including an approval and locking process, this scenario may be for you.

Additional Information

KC - Quick Topic - Corporate Budgeting in Unanet

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