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Title: Resource Requesting

Brief description:

This scenario is ideal for large, formal organizations who want to provide a structure and an approval process to resource requesting.

What’s covered in this document:


  • Generally for large and/or formal organizations
  • Schedule Type "Plans" are used, and possibly later "Budgets"
    • Roles:
      • The Requestor requests resources from a Planner
        • Filters in the request allow you to filter by skill, location, labor category, etc.
      • Once the Planner fulfills the request, plans are created
      • Note that the plan is uneditable by anyone other than the Assigner and Planner, and only within the Requesting process
    • Reporting may be done on plans


  • Are you in a large or formal organization that would like a structured work flow and approval process for resourcing requesting? If yes, Resource Requesting may be for you. If not, but if you are interested in some type of resource requesting, you may be interested in this other method which allows you to treat Plans as the request: KC - Quick Topic - Portfolio - VIGNETTE: Treating plans as the request


For more information, visit the following link:

KC - Quick Topic - Resource Requests

Additional Information

Quick Topic - Resource Requests

KC - Webinar - Resource Requesting with CapTech

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