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Title: Scenario: Task level Planning

Brief description:

You may have the need to plan at the Task level. This entry describes different approaches to planning at the Task level.

What’s covered in this document:


  • Granular Plans, Higher Level Charges
    • Plans may be made at a very detailed granular child or grandchild or lower task, in increments of a few hours (2 hours here, 8 hours there).
    • Assignments are then made at a higher level task to ease the burden of the person charging their time.
  • High level Plans, Granular Charges
    • Plans may be made at a parent level task or even at the Project level.
    • Assignments are made either to specific tasks, or to the project requiring task level charges.
  • Task Level plans and charges at same level
    • Plans are made at a task level and charges are also made at that level.


Do you have tasks and need to do bottom-up planning from the task level?


The following approaches may be used when planning at the task level.

  1. Planning at a very detailed level (4 hours task 1.1.1; 8 hours on task 1.1.2; 2 hours on task 1.1.3). Once authorized, people charge up at a higher level (in the example below they may charge to Sea Task but have been planned at 1.2.2)
  2. Planning at a higher task level and charging down to the lower task level. 
  3. Planning at the task level and charging at the same task level.

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