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Title: Treating plans as the request

Brief description:

This scenario is an alternative to the more formal Resource Requesting, and allows for requesting resources via controlling roles of the Planner and the Assigner.

What’s covered in this document:


  • Schedule Type "Plans" are used and serve as the request. This works well for clients who want the ability to request resources in a less formal way than via Requests.
    • Roles/Process:
      • OPTION 1 (Planner Plans as a Request, Assigner generates assignments from plans).
        • The Planner can only plan (has the Resource Planner role but not the Resource Assigner role).
        • The Assigner has the Resource Assigner role in order to convert the Plans to Assignments. The Assigner may also have the Project Manager or Resource Planner role in order to either lock or delete plans. 
        • The Assigner reviews the plans and then assigns only the ones of which they approve. They can generate an email notification to the Planner to let them know what was fulfilled.
      • OPTION 2 (Planning by TBDs only).
        • The Planner will have access only to an organization that contains TBD licenses, and not have access to plan real employees. The approver, as either Resource Planner or as Resource Assigner, will have access to the TBD organizations as well as to real people. The approver, again as either Resource Planner or Resource Assigner, will replace the TBD resource with a real employee.
    • Reports:
      • Plans and Budgets (Assignments) can be compared and examined for variance.


  • If the Resource Request functionality is too formal for you, this method may be for you.


Report to compare Plans and Budgets:

The Assigner has the ability to send an email notification to the Planner.

Project Profile area:

Navigate to Project > List > List tab > Edit Pencil Icon. See the links for Expense Plans and People Plans in the left menu.

Assign Plans option which allows the Assigner to generate assignments from the Plan:

Navigate to Project > List > List tab > Edit Pencil Icon > People Plans > Assign Plans.

Additional Information

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