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Title: Preventing Users from Accruing Leave

Brief description:

You may need to prevent users from accruing leave, possibly because they are temporarily on extended leave, or because they are terminating, or for some other reason. The options below outline two methods for handling. One method leaves the user active with an end-dated accrual, the other inactivates the user.

What’s covered in this document:

Method 1 - Update End Dates on Person Accrual association while leaving employee active

With this method, you will leave the employee active, but update end dates on the Person Accrual association. Note that end-dating the Person Accrual association will automatically update the leave project Assignment end date. 

Stopping the Accruals for that person

Step 1: Under the employee’s Person Profile, list the Accruals and edit the end date appropriately.

A word about partial Accruals: if you supply an End Date other than the last date of an accrual period, partial accruals will occur upon the next Accrual Post. You may or may not desire that partial accruals occur.

    • If you do want Unanet to calculate and post partial period accruals, supply the appropriate mid-period End Date in the Person Profile Accruals.
    • If you do not want Unanet to calculate and post partial period accruals, ensure that the End Date is the last day of the accrual period for which you want the person to receive full period accruals.

Note: If the Accrual Post is automated, you must ensure that you supply this End Date prior to the scheduled Accrual Post in the next step.

Step 2: Post the accrual as needed, either automatically or manually. Note that no accrual amount should be posted for the employee unless a partial accrual was intended (see Step 1 above). 

Recommencing Accruals

Step 1: If/when you want the accruals to recommence, go into the Person Profile Accruals and simply update the End Date to EOT (End of Time). When saved, this will also automatically update the assignment end date on the leave project to EOT.

Step 2: Post the accrual as needed, either automatically or manually. Be aware that some periods may be skipped and don't show on the report because nothing was posted for those periods.

Method 2 - Inactivating employee

With this method, you will inactivate the employee. When a person is inactive, no accruals will be added to their balance when Accrual Posts occur. 

Stopping the Accruals for that person

Step 1 (Optional): If, prior to inactivating the person, you would like for partial accruals to occur in their last period, see Step 1 in Method 1 above. 

Step 2: Navigate to the user's Person Profile, and deselect the ACTIVE check box. 

Note about inactivating employees: There are other considerations related to inactivating employees. For example, inactive employees will be unable to login to the system to complete timesheets, and may appear differently or not at all in some default report views.

Recommencing Accruals

Reactivate the user upon their return using the ACTIVE check box. 

Note: Keep in mind that when they return, they will have the same eligibility based on Hire Date as when they left. In other words, if you have an escalating schedule of accruals that increases as the person's tenure with the company increases, they will continue to accrue on that schedule. For this reason, upon recommencing accruals, you may want to edit their Hire Date (the date in Unanet used as the effective date for leave accruals), pushing it forward, to indicate that they are not eligible for the higher level of accruals until they work the amount of time that they were gone. 


John is hired Jan 1, 2012. Your accrual schedules allow people to accrue a higher amount (8 hours instead of 5 hours per period) after 1 year with the company.
John takes leave from June 1-Sept 30 (4 months). He returns Oct 1.
Once Jan 1, 2013 rolls around, you determine if he should now accrue 8 hours per period or 5 hours per period. If he should only accrue 5 hours per period from Jan 1-April 30 (4 months), then you'll want to push his Hire Date from Jan 1 2012 to May 1 2012, to accommodate for being out for 4 months. 

Additional Information

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