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Title: Procedures for Manager Approval

Brief description:

This Quick Topic provides an overview of approving a timesheet and expense report. A description of the approval process and timesheet statuses is also provided.

What’s covered in this document:

Manager Approval process

Approval Groups are used to help manage the Approval process for Timesheets, Leave Requests, Expense Reports and Expense Requests. These groups contain lists of Approvers and Submitters, and help control who should approve each user’s entries and in what sequence a series of approvals may occur.

View Approval Group Report

Managers can query and list their approval groups and the users for whom they approve time and expenses via the Approval Group Details report (Reports > Reference > People)

The Approval Group Criteria screen is displayed. Click Run Report to view the report.

Approval Queues

Items that have been submitted for approval are reviewed and managed through approval queues. E-mail notifications can be sent to managers when new items have been added to their approval queue with the E-mail options enabled.

Managers can get to their approval queues by going to their Home Dashboard. The Approvals section summarizes the Primary and Alternate approvals that are pending.

Pending approvals can also be accessed at People Approvals. Click the links to see the full queue.

Approval/Disapproval Steps

Leave Requests can be approved on the summary level without clicking into the detail page. Simply click on the Approve or Disapprove icon to complete.

A Manager can approve or disapprove all items in a section by using the small Approve All or Disapprove All icons at the top of the PERSON column. 

Bulk approval of this nature is only an option for companies that do not have government contracts.

Bulk approval is enabled by setting the Require Approvers To View Details property to false (unchecked) in Admin > Properties > Approval Process > General > Approvals.

For timesheets and expense reports, the manager may be required to view each item before approval or disapproval. Click the magnifying glass icon next to each item to see the details and access the action buttons.

Timesheets can be approved or disapproved by clicking Approve or Disapprove

Each of the buttons can be used to complete various functions as follows:

  • <Queue - Do nothing with the timesheet and be routed back to the approval queue.
  • Edit - Edit the timesheet or expense report.  *Editing will require the item to be resubmitted and go through the approval process again.
  • Allocate (Expense Reports only) - View allocated expense report details and project allocations.
  • Threshold (Expense Reports only) - View expense types and their thresholds.
  • Approve - Approve the timesheet and be routed back to the approval queue.
  • Approve> - Approve the timesheet and display the next timesheet pending approval.
  • Disapprove - Disapprove the timesheet and be routed back to the approval queue.
  • Skip> - Do nothing with the timesheet and display the next timesheet pending approval.

Before completing the Approve/Disapprove action, the manager is provided with a screen where approval comments may be entered.

Note: The manager must enter comments if they Disapprove an item.

As items are approved or disapproved, they are removed from the manager’s queue. If a manager is acting as an alternate for another manager, they can perform both their primary and alternate approvals using the same queue.

Timesheet Status Reports

The Timesheet Status Pie Chart report is very useful for keeping track of their employee’s timesheet status. (Reports > Dashboard > People Reports > Status Reports)

Select the report link and set the report criteria as desired, then click Run Report

The manager can view the details of whose timesheets are missing, submitted or completed by clicking on the specific pie chart section.

Set up Manager Alternates

  • To set up manager alternates, the manager can simply click Preferences (My Account > Preferences) in the upper right corner of any Unanet screen, then click Alternates in the left menu.
  • Enter criteria in the FILTER section to find the desired alternate and click the blue circle arrow. The names matching the FILTER criteria will display under AVAILABLE ALTERNATES.
  • Choose the role to be assigned to the alternate(s), and click the blue circle arrow.
  • Click Save

When the alternate manager logs into his/her Unanet system, in the Home Dashboard, he/she is able to see the pending approval queues for the other manager, which are listed as Alternate Approvals.

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