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Title: Unanet Budget and Forecast Reporting  

Brief description: During the budgeting and forecasting process, a number of project management reports are available to monitor project and program costs. This section describes key project management reports and how they may be used to track the financial performance of your projects.

Unanet supports a shared reports area. Reports saved to this area are accessible by users with the appropriate role to run the report. A series of Project Manager reports may be created and saved in the shared area. This may help to ensure that all users are basing their Reports from the same criteria.

See the Additional Information "Creating Saved Reports on Your Dashboards" link below, which describes the steps to save a shared report to a user’s local dashboard. 

The following reports are key to this process:

  • KC - Project Revenue and Funding Summary Report
    • This report provides a one-line summary review of a project’s revenue and the amount funded along with the current backlog.

  • KC - Project Cost Summary (JSR)
    • This report includes actual burdened costs for selected project/task combinations, to reflect direct costs (labor and expense), indirect costs, revenue, net margin, gross margin and more. (See the Additional Information "Multiple Project Cost Summary Report Definitions" link below.)

  • KC - Project Cost Summary and Status Report, actuals and forecast
    • This report provides a blended view of burdened actual costs and burdened forecasted costs. The default setup for the report may include actual costs through the prior pay period and forecasted costs from the beginning of the current period through the end of time. 

  • KC - Resource Allocation Report
    • This report provides the manager with the ability to view a graphical representation of employee utilization in terms of planned hours in a color coded booked percentage format. Business Week Hours are used as the denominator. In combination with the Forecast People grid planner, resources are established for the project. See the Additional Information links below. 

Additional Information

KC - Quick Topic - Creating Saved Reports on Your Dashboards

KC - Quick Topic - Multiple Project Cost Summary Report Definitions 

KC - Quick Topic - Basic Labor Planning in the Grid

KC - Quick Topic - Basic Expense Planning in the Grid

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