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Title: Resource Requests

Brief description:

This quick topic shows how to submit, fulfill, accept, and modify a resource request.

What’s covered in this document:

Table of Statuses and Workflow process

StatusWho owns the Request?Action takenNext ActionResulting Status

In Use

Resource Requestor (RR)The RR has created a request specifying resource needs and saved.RR clicks "Request" at the bottom of the request.Results in "Requested" Status.
RequestedResource Planner (RP)

The RP now has two options:

A) Add Resources.

B) Decline.

A) RP clicks on "Add Resources."

B) RP clicks on "Decline."

A) Results in "Fulfilling" status.

B) Results in "Unfulfilled" status. RR may edit the request, resulting in "In Use" status, restarting the request process.

FulfillingResource PlannerRP adds resources to the request.After adding resources specified, RP clicks "Fulfill." Results in "Fulfilled" Status.
FulfilledResource Requestor

The RR does not have the edit pencil, and must click the eyeglass icon to view the request. RR has two options:

A) Accept.

B) Decline.

A) RR clicks on "Accept."

B) RR clicks on "Decline."

A) Results in "Accepted" Status. The request disappears from the default active queue, and may be seen by selecting the "Accepted" status in the Search tab criteria.

B) Results in "Unfulfilled" Status.

UnfulfilledResource RequestorThe RR clicks the edit pencil, and has the option to "Request" new hours/FTE (or even a different RP) or "Redefine" the request to change other attributes.

A) RR clicks on "Save."

B) RR clicks on "Request."

A) Results in "In Use" Status.

B) Results in "Fulfilling" Status.

AcceptedResource Requestor and Resource PlannerWhen viewing the request in the "Accepted" queue, both the RR and the RP can bring it back into use.

A) RR clicks on the edit pencil and chooses to override the resulting warning.

B) RP clicks on the person icon and clicks on "Rework" within the request, saves.

A) Results in "Accepted" Status if RR chooses to "Save", or "Rework" status if RR chooses "Rework."

B) Results in "Rework" Status.

ReworkResource PlannerRP has chosen to rework the Accepted request by clicking on the person icon in the queue, and adds resources.

A) RP clicks on "Fulfill."

B) RP clicks on "Decline."

A) Results in "Fulfilled" Status.

B) Results in "Unfulfilled" Status.

Creating a Resource Request (Resource Requestor)

To create a new Resource Request, go to Forecast > Resource Requests > +Resource Request.

On the new Resource Request screen, choose the appropriate project, task (if applicable), and plan set for which you would like a resource provided. You must give your request a title, and you can enter an optional description to provide more information to the Resource Planner. You have the option of requesting a resource in Hours or FTE, and by Periods or Single Date Range. Note that if you select the Single Date Range option, the Request by Periods drop down section becomes grayed out and the Request by Single Date Range option becomes available.

You can specify further qualification requirements by expanding the Labor Category, Locations, Resources, and Skills sections at the bottom. In the example below, the Resource Requester is looking for a Designer with beginner MySQL skills. Click "Save" to save the resource request.

On the next screen, populate the hours and name of the Resource Planner who should be fulfilling the request, then click the "Request" button.

Lastly, there is the option to send email notifications or add comments regarding this request. Note that text in the "Request Comments" field may be accessed via the Audit Trail icon in the request queue or on the editing request screen. Click "Request" to complete the resource request.

Fulfilling a Resource Request (Resource Planner)

Resource Planners can see the Resource Requests in REQUESTED status on the home screen. Click the "Primary" link and select the Person icon to plan the resource.

To fulfill the request based on the details provided, click "Add Resources". Otherwise, click "Decline" to put the request back in the queue for the Resource Requestor.

Selecting the Add Resources button brings up the following screen, where additional filters can be used to determine who meets the criteria for the request. The requirements defined by the Resource Requester will be pre-selected. Note that only active users with the UnaSource User role can be planned. When the filters are set up, click "List".

Selecting the List tab provides a list of resources that meet the criteria and their availability. Select the person who should be planned and click "Save".

On the following screen, the Resource Planner can enter the hours for the person and click "Fulfill" to fulfill the request. The request can also be saved for a later time by clicking "Save".

Enter any notifications or additional comments as needed, and click "Fulfill" to finish fulfilling the resource request.

Accepting a Resource (Resource Requestor)

View the Resource Requests that are in FULFILLED status and select the Magnifying Glass icon to review plan details.

If the details match requirements, click "Accept" to accept the resource. Alternatively, click "Decline" to send the request back to the Resource Planner.

Enter any notifications or additional comments as needed, and click "Accept" to finish.

Modifying a Request

Hours or Person (Resource Requestor)

Find the Resource Request that needs to be modified, select the Pencil Icon, and accept the warning to edit the accepted request.

At the bottom of the screen, click "Redefine" to modify the hours for the planned individual, then click "Rework" to send it back to the Resource Planner.

Enter any notifications or additional comments as needed, and click "Rework" to finish modifying the resource request.

Hours or Person (Resource Planner)

Find the Resource Request that needs to be modified and select the Person Icon.

Update the hours (or the individual person) as needed and select "Fulfill".

Enter any notifications or additional comments as needed, and click "Fulfill".

By Periods or Budget In (Resource Requestor)

Note: Once a request is in ACCEPTED status, the "Request By" (Periodic or POP Date Range option) cannot be changed. The Resource Planner will need to Decline the Request and send it back to the Resource Requestor (this will effectively delete the plan).

Find the Request to be modified (INUSE status) and click the Pencil icon to edit.

Click "Redefine" to modify.

Select "Change Request By" to open up the options to modify the Request By attributes.

Then select "Details" to be able to populate the hours requested:

Update the hours and select "Request".

Enter any notifications or additional comments as needed, and click "Request".

By Periods or Budget In (Resource Planner)

Find the Request (REQUESTED Status) and proceed with the fulfilling per the regular process.

Audit Trail

The Audit Trail will contain the full history of all actions taken on the Request.

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