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Title: Scheduling a Timesheet Submit email reminder

Brief description:

This topic covers best practices for various combinations of settings in the Admin > Schedule and Admin > Reminders areas.

What’s covered in this document:

Overview of where to set Reminder settings

There are three places to set Reminder settings:

  1. Admin > Reminders: Create new reminders
  2. Admin > Schedule: Edit existing reminders
  3. Admin > Setup > Miscellaneous > Email Reminders: Edit the message and subject of the reminder

Reminder tab

In Admin > Reminders, the Reminder tab is where you choose the type of reminder. Let's take a look at the Timesheet Submit reminder.

A common best practice for Timesheet Submit reminders is to look every day at the previous time period and send the person a reminder if they have yet to submit their timesheet. 

Example:  time period is Monday - Sunday, June 24 - 30. On July 1, a reminder looks to see who has not submitted their timesheet for June 24 - 30. On July 2, a reminder looks to see who hasn't submitted their timesheet for June 24 - 30. This continues daily until the end of the week (July 7) or until all timesheets have been submitted for the June 24 - 30 period. Since timesheet data is often critical for billing and payroll, this is an excellent way to enforce that people are reminded to submit their timesheets.

Time period would be set to the type of time period (biweekly, semimonthly, etc.) and to "Previous Period":

Schedule tab

In Admin > Reminders, the Schedule tab gives you the opportunity to specify when the reminder will be sent to users that have not submitted their timesheet. In the example below, we have set it to be a Daily reminder running every day (or you could set it to only run weekdays) to see if the previous period's timesheet had been submitted. This helps remind people each day that the previous period still needs to be submitted.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Email Reminders

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