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Title: Self-planning on Projects

Brief description:

Some companies require that employees self-plan their anticipated work hours on projects for the upcoming quarter or year. These anticipated hours are aggregated across the organization to feed into the corporate budget and forecast. This entry describes how these anticipated (planned) hours may be entered into Unanet.  

What’s covered in this document:

Self-Planning in the Grid

Grid planning is the most widely used method of planning in Unanet, and is available to users with the Resource Planner role. In order to allow self-planning in the grid, a user must be given the Resource Planner role with access to the Organization in which their user resides. These users may then utilize a Forecast grid planner, selecting themselves as the Person to Plan (see Additional Information below, Basic Resource Planning with Grids). If you would like to limit the user's potential to plan other users in their existing person org, you have the option of creating a person org for each individual user, and granting each user the org access to their own person org. 

Self-Planning via the Time dashboard "Plan" submenu item

Users with the UnaSource User role may plan their own hours on projects using functionality similar to the Project level People Plans > +Plan method, with a few differences:

  1. The user may only plan into the Active plan set.
  2. They do not have the option to specify bill rates or cost rates.
  3. They are unable to specify a labor category.
  4. Their list of available projects to plan on will be governed by a setting on individual projects' Access tabs.

To self plan via the Time dashboard, the user will access the self planning feature via the Time > Plan dashboard, and click on +Plan.

The user filters for projects available to plan, selects a project, chooses a task if needed, then enters hours/FTE, dates, and may change the cost element and/or location defaults.

Navigate: Time > Plan > Enter Project Code > Edit Arrow Icon. 

After saving, and creating plans on other projects, the Time > Plan screen will list the user's plans.

Note that each project's Access tab has a User Access field. In the Self Plan drop down, if "Open. All people can plan their own time for this project." is selected, any UnaSource/Timesheet User will be able to see this project when filtering for available projects to plan themselves on. They will also be able to view and edit any existing plans created for them on the project.

If "Assign. Only people assigned to this project can plan their own time." is chosen, a user will need a project level assignment to be able to self plan on the project. 

Navigate: Project > List > List > Edit Pencil Icon > Access. 

If "Assign Self Plans" is checked on the project Access tab, the individual user will have the option when creating or editing their project plan to create an assignment to the project from the plan. 

Navigate: Time > Plan > +Plan > Enter Project Code.

Additional Information

KC - Quick Topic - Basic Labor Planning in the Grid

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