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Title: Sending Unanet Notifications by Text Rather than Email

Brief description:

This entry outlines how to setup Unanet notifications via text messaging. This may be useful for companies whose employees do not sit in front of computers, but instead do remote work with the assistance of a smartphone. 

What’s covered in this document:

Person Profile - Email Field

Unanet can send notifications to either a person's email address or cell phone number via text message, but not both. In order to send notifications to a user via text messaging, remove the person's email address from their Person profile in Unanet and enter the user's cell phone number using their carrier's syntax. The AT&T syntax is shown here:

The user will receive text messages that look like this:

Syntax by mobile carrier

Other examples of carrier syntax can be found here.

A few main carrier examples:


Sprint: or



Additional Information

KC - Person Profile

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