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Title: Updating Per Diem Rates in Unanet

Brief description:

This Quick Topic will cover the process of updating government per diem rates in Unanet.

What’s covered in this document:

Update process

Each customer is responsible for updating the per diem rates in their Unanet system, whether it is Cloud or On Premise.

These are the basic steps:

  1. Download the latest CONUS (& OCONUS) per diem files from our Support site: > Solutions > Per Diems.
  2. Import the file via Admin > Import in your Unanet system.

Download files

Go to and log in with your Support ID.

You should see the Per Diem files on the Solutions page. You will need the CONUS file for the continental US (48 states) and the OCONUS file for Alaska, Hawaii, and foreign countries. Click on the file name to download it to your computer.

Import into Unanet

Log into your Unanet system and navigate to Admin > Import:

  • Type of Import: Select "Per Diem Rates" from the dropdown menu.
  • File to Import: Choose the file you saved above.
  • Output Options: Select the radio button for All messages.

Click Import.

The import's output page will look like the screenshot below for the CONUS file. Green rows have been successfully imported; red rows are import failures. Report the red rows to Support. 

Your Per Diem rates are now updated with the latest available data.


If you get errors / red output rows like those in the screenshot below, then Excel has likely reformatted your seasonal dates columns (columns E & F in Excel). The format must be MM/DD or two digits, not the DD-Mon format that Excel typically uses.

To correct this, select both columns E & F, right click, choose format, Date, and 3/14 (as the new date format).


As an additional service, Unanet offers an automated solution for Cloud customers via the Hosted IMU to import the Per Diem rates. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in this automated solution.

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