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Title: Use the Integrated Management Utility (IMU) with Credit Card Import

Brief description:

This can be done when your credit card company or bank regularly generates and sends a *.csv file containing credit card transactions. In this case, the credit card company sends the file (via Secure FTP or similar secure mechanism) to a specified location on your network, and the Unanet IMU is configured to import the credit card charges into Unanet on a scheduled basis. Scheduling the transactions to be imported by the IMU allows the integration to occur automatically, without administrator intervention.  

What’s covered in this document:

Description of typical credit card file generation and placement on your network

Step 1: Work with your bank or credit card company (third party vendor) to procure the credit card transactions file

  • Provide your third party vendor the Unanet Generic Credit Card Import Template. This is the exact format the data is needed to import via the IMU into Unanet.
  • You can obtain a copy of this template by going to Help Docs - Generic Credit Card import file.
  • Note: The third party vendor may not be able to produce the exact format for the generic import file. In those cases, you would either run a script or manually modify the format/content before making it available to the Unanet IMU for import.
  • Coordinate with your third party vendor placement/transmission of the credit card file onto your network.

Configuration of the IMU

Step 2: Configure the IMU

  • Files to be configured and the sections within each that are pertinent to the Credit Card Import:
      • Unanet URL
      • Admin credentials for login
      • Email settings (if desire to receive emails for the IMU process)
      • Log file retention setting
      • Run import section
      • Import section for ‘generic_credit_card’ (all settings)
    • imu_pre_build.xml
      • Open this file in notepad and modify the content to either move or copy the credit card file to be imported into the particular Unanet import directory. This essentially will tell the IMU where to grab the file (from the 3rd party vendor) and where to put it in preparation for importing into Unanet.
  • The following outlines details of the IMU configuration, usage and management.

Additional Information

KC - Quick Topic - CreditCardConnect (AMEX KR-1025 and VISA)

Help Docs - Import Credit Card - Amex

Help Docs - Import Credit Card - Generic

Help Docs - People Credit Cards

KC - Quick Topic - AMEX/American Express: Automated Integration using the IMU (On-Prem customers only)

KC - Credit Card Integrations, Imports, and the IMU

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