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Title: Using Additional Pay Per Hour in a Pay Code

Brief description:

When establishing Pay Codes in Unanet, the optional ADDITIONAL PAY PER HOUR fields may be used. Rates can be any value (positive, negative, or zero). The ADDITIONAL PAY PER HOUR fields allow the ability to add an additional rate per hour to a user's cost rate (depending on the Cost Rate Factor indicated) when the Pay Code is used on a timesheet.

When charging time to a Pay Code having additional pay configured, the calculation of the effective cost rate is: (cost rate * dilution factor if applicable) + additional pay rate.

What’s covered in this document:

Pay Code Usage Examples

The following Pay Codes will be demonstrated below. 

  • The "ADDL PAY +" example will add an additional $2.50 per hour charged to that Pay Code. This is helpful for Hazard location pay or Shift Differentials where employees receive a standard uplift per hour on their pay.
  • The "ADDL PAY H" example outlines a setup that would allow an employee to receive a completely different hourly rate of pay for a specific Pay Code.
  • The "STOT" is a common example that occurs when Exempt employees should be paid Straight Time for hours worked in excess of standard hours.

Setting up the Pay Codes

Additional Pay Per Hour/Cost Rate Factor

Within the ADDITIONAL PAY PER HOUR section, input the Rate per hour that is desired for additional pay. The cost rate factor will apply to the standard cost rate otherwise in effect for that user.  

  • For the "ADDL PAY +" pay code, the Rate of $2.50 will be added to the cost rate already in effect for this user (cost rate factor of 1). So if the user had a $50 cost rate in their assignment, using this Pay Code would cost the user at $52.50 per hour.
  • For the "ADDL PAY H" pay code, the Rate per hour is $25, applied to a cost rate factor of zero, in essence, only paying that employee $25 per hour.

For the "STOT" pay code, the ADDITIONAL PAY PER HOUR Rate is zero, so the additional pay would be simply standard cost rate otherwise in effect for that user times the hours charged to that Pay Code.

Exempt Usage

The Exempt Usage indicator should be set to Additional Pay.

  • Additional Pay (Undiluted) - This is used when dilution is turned ON. Time charged to these pay codes is not included in the dilution calculations at all. These hours can be considered additional (bonus) pay hours if your intention is to pay an exempt employee for time over the Standard working hours (often called Straight Time Overtime).

  • Additional Pay - This is used when dilution is turned OFF.  

Regardless of Dilution Usage, the Pay Code factor IS applied when determining the effective cost rate for all employees (even Exempt) when charging to these Additional Pay type of Pay Codes.

To see the list of existing pay codes, navigate to Admin > Setup > Pay Codes. 


Showing the Breakout of Additional Pay

You can review the breakout results in the People > Project Time Details report by checking the Show Additional Pay Breakout in the RATES section of the report criteria. 

Hiding the Breakout of Additional Pay

In all other reports, this additional pay will be applied on top of a user's effective cost rate and displayed in that combined form as shown in the example below:

Additional Information

Help Docs - Pay Codes

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