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Title: Voiding a Locked or Extracted Expense Report

Brief description:

This page outlines how to Void a LOCKED/EXTRACTED expense report and the related considerations.

What’s covered in this document:

Who can Void Expenses that are LOCKED/EXTRACTED?

AdministratorsP&R Administrators, and HR Administrators may void LOCKED or EXTRACTED expense reports at any time, whether or not they have been posted to the GL.

Additionally, users with the Manager role have the ability to void an expense report if the system property for Admin > Properties > Expense > Edit Settings > Permissions > Allow Manager to Void Expense Reports is selected.

How statuses pertain to the Void function

Following submission of the expense report by the expense user, the report follows the approval process and promotes from the INUSE status to a SUBMITTED or APPROVING status. Once approved by all approvers, the status promotes to COMPLETED (and, if the Set Expense Reports To LOCKED Upon Completion property setting is selected, to LOCKED). Instead of, or in addition to the LOCKED status, the EXTRACTED status may be utilized.

The Void Expense Report feature is enabled only for expense reports in the LOCKED or EXTRACTED status.

Where to find the Void option for LOCKED/EXTRACTED expenses

If an Admin role is voiding, this occurs at this location: People > List > List Expense Reports icon > Completed Expense Reports.

If a Manager role is voiding, this occurs at this location: People > My People > List Expense Reports icon > Completed Expense Reports.

Steps to Void

Click on the Expense icon as in the screenshot below. 

Click on the Void icon with the X.

Selecting the Void icon displays the dialogue box shown below.

The voiding Expense Report is added to the Completed Expense Reports list.

Optional Copy of Voided Expense report

If the voided expense report had details that you need on another expense report, you have the option to Copy from the Voided expense report.

To do so, find the Voided expense report from the Expense List and click on the magnifying glass icon:

Click Copy to Report.

Edit the appropriate details and proceed with your normal processing of the expense report.

Additional Information

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