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Title: Zero-dollar ($0) invoices

Brief description:

A zero-dollar invoice can be created in Unanet in different ways. You may wish to do this if there is nothing to post and you would like to generate an invoice with only an additional item, or it could happen as a result of billing type changes or labor adjustments.

What’s covered in this document:

Possible causes

A zero-dollar invoice may be created in these situations:

  • The billing type on some task(s) was changed to NB (non-billable) after the data was posted but before the posted data made it onto an invoice.
  • Labor adjustments were made after the posting/billing cycle that equal out to $0. To check this if the invoice is in Draft status, edit the invoice then navigate to Labor.
  • The Include projects without unbilled data check box was selected on the Add Invoice screen and the project has no unbilled amount. See screenshots below for this process.

Generating an invoice without unbilled data

When adding an invoice, you can select the check box to Include projects without unbilled data and then select the project on the List tab. This will give you a blank invoice.

The UNBILLED column is null, which means there is no posted data that will show up on the invoice. As a result, you have a $0 invoice to which you may add additional items.

Select the check box for the appropriate project from the list and click Generate Invoices, then click List on the next screen.

Here is the list showing the newly created $0 invoice:

Additional Information

KC - Invoicing & Posting Guide

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