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Title: Example Usage of Multiple Plan Sets

Brief description:

This video describes a process for using Multiple Plan Sets in Unanet to realize the following benefits:

  • Record of each change or additions between all plan sets and plan versions kept for historical record. 
  • Authorizing workforce based on the latest working approved plan. The previous assignments are still there - any changes or new assignments are added to the workforce.
  • Easily switch back and forth between the plans on the grid planner; Be sure to switch current plan set  for the cost proposal and periodic performance reporting.
  • Available sandbox area for what-if scenarios with additional resources, rates, etc.  if you need to determine impact on the current working plan or a baseline.
  • With Unanet’s reporting capability, compare costs with the plan set comparison and even compare versions of plan sets with many levels of granularity showing costs at the project, task and even the resource level.

What’s covered in this video:

This is an example process on how to use multiple plan sets currently executed by a Unanet customer.

Four plan set names are defined by the Administrator:

  • Proposed
  • Baseline
  • Working
  • What-If

The demonstrated process is as follows:

Step 1: Create a proposed plan set (used for costing purposes during proposal)

Step 2: When contract is awarded, copy Proposed Plan Set to Baseline Plan Set

  • Lock the Baseline Plan Set which will automatically create a copy
  • Rename this copy to the Working Plan Set v1
  • Push assignments based on Working Plan v1

Step 3: Changes in Staff for the Project

  • Copy Working Plan Set v1 to Working Plan Set V2; make Working v2 active
  • People Planner using Working Plan Set v2
    • Add/change resources as necessary
    • Compare costs with Plan Set Version Comparison Report
    • Push Assignments from Working v2 Plan Set
    • Execute Project Periodic Performance Report comparing baseline, working and locked
      • Ensuring my work force authorization matches my plan

Step 4: Additional Scope identified from the Customer

  • Copy Working Plan Set v2 to What-If Plan Set
  • Since Additional Scope, add new tasks and/or people as needed.
  • People Planner using  What – If Plan Set, add/change resources/rates/etc.
  • Execute PLAN SET COMPARISON Report to view changes
  • Copy What-if Plan Set to Working Plan Set v3
  • Push Assignments from Working v3 Plan Set

Video Presentation:

Additional Information

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