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Title: Purchasing - Admin Properties

Brief description:

System-wide configuration of the purchasing features can help tailor the system to support your unique business processes. A user with the System Administrator role has access to modify these system settings.

What’s covered in this video:

  • Introducing training content  (0:00 ~ 2:00 minute mark)
    • Comparison of 10.3 to 11.0 property settings 
    • Admin dashboard property sections
      • Approval Process
      • Purchasing
      • Unanet
    • Review of listing all property settings
  • Approval Process section  (2:00 ~ 5:00 minute mark)
    • General - review general setup items for the approval processes
    • Approvals - determine which, if any, areas will require an approval process
    • Reviews - require reviews by specific approval users
    • Permissions - nothing to modify in this section
  • Purchasing section  (5:00 ~ 8:25 minute mark)
    • General - settings for the overall process of purchasing
      • Deleting unapproved documents 
      • Requiring Purchase Requests (PRs) with Purchase Orders (POs)
      • Default email address for POs
  • Unanet section  (8:25 ~ 10:00 minute mark)
    • Access/Permissions - determine if any purchasing related roles will have a default organization access for "all" or "none"

Video Presentation:

Additional Information

This Video references a Reference Workbook that compares the Admin Properties in 10.3 to the 11.0 Version. You can download that reference file here

Help Docs - Unanet Properties

KC - Unanet Financials Property Settings

KC - Purchasing - Admin Properties

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