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Title: Purchasing - Items and Units of Measure

Brief description:

Items represent purchases that require the identification of a unit of measure and a quantity. Items have a separate section in the Purchase Request (PR) and Purchase Order (PO). Items are stored in a master list within the system and can be used on both PR and POs. Users with the System Admin role can manage the list of items.

What’s covered in this video:

  • Introducing training content  (0:00 ~ 2:30 minute mark)
    • Definition of an Item with examples
    • Usability of Items within Projects and Purchasing
    • Key features of an Item
  • Setup configuration of the Items table  (2:30 ~ 12:30 minute mark)
    • Recommendation for new Expense Types
      • It is recommended to add new Expense Types for your Item Purchases and to consider adding these to your cost element and cost structures and cost report definitions for the Project Accounting > Cost Summary Report (JSR)
    • Units of Measure (UOM) setup
    • Items setup
  • Recommendations for additional setup considerations  (12:30 ~ 15:30 minute mark)
    • Project setup
      • Allow Items
      • Project-level Items 
      • Budgeting for Items
    • Creating unique Cost Elements for Items
    • Cost Summary Status Report 
      • Cost report definitions
    • Admin setup for new Expense Types

Video Presentation:

Additional Information

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