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Title: Purchasing - Purchase Order Formats

Brief description: 

Purchase Order (PO) formats can be configured to support many procurement processes. Users with the System Administrator, P&R Administrator, or AP Administrator role can create and modify the PO formats, which are used to tailor the specific format you want to use for a particular vendor, business sector, or type of purchase.

What’s covered in this video:

  • Introducing training content  (0:00 ~ 3:00 minute mark)
    • Pre-setup requirements
    • PO Format setup
    • PO Form tab setup
    • Review sections of a PO
  • Setup for pre-setup requirements  (0:00 ~ 2:30 minute mark)
    • Images 
    • Email Messages  (starts ~ 4:30 minute mark)
    • People setup for PO Signer  (starts ~ 6:35 minute mark)
    • Organization setup for PO Contacts/Addresses  (starts ~8:05 minute mark)
  • Setup for PO Format  (10:25  ~ 13:15 minute mark)
    • Admin setup
  • Review of how to use the PO Format on a PO  (13:15 ~ 18:25 minute mark)
    • Review the PO Form tab on the PO
  • Setup recap  (18:25 - 19:48 minute mark)

Video Presentation:

Additional Information

Help Docs - Images 

Help Docs - Email Messages

Help Docs - Person Profile - Signature

Help Docs - Person Profile (Title is on the Purchasing tab of the Person profile)

Help Docs - Org Contacts

KC - Purchasing - Purchase Order Formats 

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