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Tasks are work activities under the project level. Tasks can mirror a project work breakdown structure (WBS) from another system or project planning tool but also can be built directly in Unanet.

Tasks allow for more granular charging, while still featuring many of the options available in Projects. These options include budgets, alerts, billing type, project type, Owning Org, and more. Unlike Projects, Tasks do not have the ability to have their own project administrators, pay codes, expense types, locations, labor categories, and funded values, as these are assumed from the project level.

Best Practices and Notes:

  • Owning Organization may be designated at the task level if two departments or divisions share a project. 
    • For Financials, Posting logic will look first at the task. If nothing is specified, will post to Owning Organization specified at the project level.
  • Funded values and limits are available at the task level (e.g., separate travel/ODC task with specified limit).
    • Funded value caps are applied first at the task level. The system will then evaluate project level funded values, taking into account caps enforced at the task level, in order to prevent amounts from being double counted.

Note that you can configure the search screen to enable a more detailed view of the project WBS.

Navigate: Project > List > List tab > Edit Pencil Icon > Tasks > Search.

Additional Information

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