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The labor cost transmitted to payroll should match the labor in Unanet. These values can be verified by comparing the Actuals Summary report for the period to the Payroll transmission.

  1. Run the Actuals Summary report for the payroll period. (Reports > People Reports > Summary Reports > Actuals Summary) Be sure to select the organizations and pay codes to be included in the payroll file. In the COLUMN OPTIONS section select Show People
  2. Compare the Grand Total on the report to the total cost transmitted to payroll.  
  3. Research/edit any variances.

Note: There may be a difference between the Actuals Summary report and the GL entry created by the Labor Cost Post. This is due to the rounding methodologies applied. The Actuals Summary report rounds by extending the hours at the rate at whatever the level of summation specified for the report. The Labor Cost Post sums the rounded amounts at the transaction level. For additional information please see the following Knowledge Center entry: Quick Topic - Rounding Differences and Reconciliation.

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