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A review of the Trial Balance can help identify omissions of amounts not posted to the General Ledger. The following steps will ensure all Project-to-Financial Postings are in a Posted status and that nothing remains to be posted for the period in question. 

  • Labor Cost Post

    1. Review timesheet status report and ensure all timesheets have been completed, then LOCKED or EXTRACTED (Reports > Timesheet Status).
    2. Complete Labor Cost Post, first reconciling items to your payroll provider's reports as necessary (Financials > Invoicing & Posting > Labor Cost Post).
    3. Review Labor Cost Post in the GL Details report, verifying posting accounts.

  • Expense Report Cost Post

    1. Review Expense Report Status report and ensure that all Expense reports in the SUBMITTED or APPROVING status are completed, then LOCKED or EXTRACTED (Reports > Expense Report Status).
    2. Complete the Expense Report Cost Post  (Financials > Invoicing & Posting > Expense Report Cost Post).
    3. Review the Expense Report Cost Post in the GL Details report, verifying posting accounts.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Labor Cost Post

Help Docs - Expense Report Cost Post

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  1. Would be helpful if a quick check is done of the Project Transactions report to make sure that the total of Charges Cost and Posting Cost is the same..






  2. In this report, what is the difference between Bill and Billable in the Charges column?

    1. The Bill column indicates the amount that would be billable regardless of the fact whether the project type is Billable. The Billable column will only incude amounts that are in fact billable.

      1. Thanks, Jean!  Can you give an example of what would be billable if the project type is not billable?