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Unanet would like to thank Liz Jimenez and JRC for this Knowledge Center entry, which demonstrates how our customers are maximizing their use of Unanet. This session was presented at the 2018 Champions conference.

Title: Process Automation and Integration using the IMU

Brief Description:  

The Integration Management Utility (IMU) is used to decrease time spent on routine tasks and provide back-office automation.  This presentation covers specific examples of IMU usage, such as automating the import of credit card transactions, managing subcontractor time and expense, and managing Cost Plus bill rates.  We also discuss Unanet’s newest payroll integrations, which rely on the IMU to support onboarding of people from your payroll system into Unanet.

Additional Information

KC - Quick Topic - Using the Integrated Management Utility (IMU) - Importing

KC - IMU (Integration Management Utility)

Help Docs - IMU

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