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Title: Five Ways to Optimize Your Business

Brief descriptionOverview of how to reduce administrative costs and overhead by adopting additional functionality in Unanet

Included in this video: 

  • Explanation of real-time reporting on project metrics (Labor, ODCs, and Indirects), expense reporting automation, billing/revenue recognition, and integrated budgeting & forecasting.
  • The top five reasons customers have optimized Unanet are:
  1. Provide managers with an integrated, real-time view of project direct and indirect costs, and burn rate.
  2. Capture project travel expenses and other direct costs accurately and quickly, including Per Diems, in the same system used for labor tracking and approval.
  3. Deliver project billing/revenue reporting for managers on fixed price, T&M and Cost Reimbursable contracts.
  4. Reduce overhead, and improve pricing competitiveness, by getting the finance department out of the business of generating project cost reports (JSRs), and other project reporting needs. 
  5. Facilitate decision-making with integrated resource planning, skills management, forecasting and budgeting.